Luxury Goods Transport is basically Garbage Hauling.

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    • Luxury Goods Transport is basically Garbage Hauling.

      I'll keep it simple.

      Due to the fixed price of luxury goods at one end and flexible pricing at the other, the margin for Luxury goods is just not worth the hassle at all.

      Example: Bridgewatch to Martlock and back with a T3 Ox.

      190 T5 Luxury Goods (Sell value 4850)
      Cost to purchse based on average price: 893 000 and change.
      Sell value at City: 921 500
      Profit - 28 500
      Profit per item... about 150 silver.

      This is a rough example... as the closer I got to filling my OX with Luxury goods, the smaller the margin got per item. The point is... if you don't have the capital to invest in doing this or even if you do, it is just not worth it at all.

      If Luxury Goods are going to have a fixed price, they should have a fixed profit margin to make them worth transporting - maybe like 25%. Then finding lucury good or transporting luxury goods actually become a small viable part of the game for people to make some quick bonus cash to get out of the hole. It may be boring, it may be slow... but at least it is worth it.

      At the moment... it's boring, it's slow to do... and it's not worth it in any capacity. You could make that money just doing a T5 solo dungeon in that time.

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Primexes: Additional notes: Continuing to think about luxury goods - the only reasoning behind the item that makes sense to me is that they are a small item with a fixed price to drive traffic between cities and city markets as an aditional bonus trade item. There has been some material expressing that with the markets being city specific, trade between cities using different market prices is a small part of the gameplay in Albion and the Luxury goods would be a further incentive for people to move items from one market to another. However that incentive has diminished with price creeping and free market eventually reducing the profit margin on the item about 3%... if it was closer to 20% or 25% fixed profit, then it would encourage players to move things between markets.. coz if you're gonna ride over some luxury goods, you might as well take some bits and bobs to sell as well. ().

    • Why should there be a fixed higher price if people are already willing to haul them for the current price? I'm with you on them not being worth hauling around, but I have also been watching the prices and volumes since they were implemented and the margins have never been more than about 20% for longer than a day or so.

      It may be boring, but players are already willing to engage in the activity. If you want to make more silver hauling stuff around in circles there are better things to move, and I am OK with SBI leaving it up to players to figure out what those things are.
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    • My guild started to buy those from our guild members from the BZ for almost half the price (members no longer need to worry of adding it to there caravan) and we officers do the caravan of it to royals and our guild keeps them in one chest and wait till it reaches a certain weight or it can fill one mammoth weight limit and then a guy is assigned to haul and sell it to each neighboring cities, for caerleon "trinkets" we schedule that to be hauled together when we sell our stuff in caerleon with the whole guild.

      Making profit from these requires a big mount and patience to fill buy orders on your preferred profit margin.