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    • Most recent NDA Patchnotes feedback

      • Self Ignition (Specter Jacket)
        • The area is now limited to up to 5 enemies
        • The area now keeps damaging enemies, even if the caster is invulnerable or shielded
        • Burn Damage vs Players: 66 (true damage) -> 1% of the enemy's max health
        • Hitdelay: 0.4s -> 0.3s
        • Standtime: 0.6s -> 0.5s
      I'll keep this brief and concise
      • The jacket itself no longer stacks and that, given the new true-damage reflect behavior = you can literally kill yourself when burning more enemies even though you are sacrificing your own health to deal "a decent" amount of damage
      • The aoe being able to deal damage while either invulnerable or affected by any form of shield buff is a good addition however the damage being turned to 1% of the enemy's max health is a HUGE DOWNGRADE compared to the recent base of 66 true damage.
      • Currently: there is no real reason why a higher tiered specter jacket should be used other than having extra base health wherein the 2% true health damage we take scales to our max health anyway so the higher our ip becomes the more health we lose since we have more base health if wearing a higher ip armor.
      • If players are going to sacrifice 2% of their max health per tick then they should deal the same amount of true health damage as if converting the players' own life force to deal a decent amount of damage to sum up the perfect risk and reward ratio. (taking into consideration how fast you can literally kill yourself when reflected)

      • Rending Bleed Stacks (all Axes)
        • Damage per Tick: 5.4 -> 4. (perhaps turning this physical bleed damage into true bleed damage could put axe on a better spot than where it will be if these nerfs go through)

        • Healing Reduction on Max Stacks: 20% -> 15% -> 12%

      • Adrenaline Boost (all Axes)

        • Movement Speed Bonus: 50% -> 40%
        • Now also increases Attack Speed by 40%
        • Max Duration: 5s -> 7s
        • But if the caster doesn't hit an enemy with a Normal Attack for 2.5s the Adrenaline Boost will now end early (this condition can instead be - if the caster doesn't hit an enemy with an active ability [it could be any Q or an E] within 2.5s the Adrenaline Boost will now end early
        • Energycost: 11 -> 9

      • Razor Cut (Bear Paws)
        • Standtime: 0s -> 0.5s-> 0.3s (to avoid clunky gameplay, standtime sucks) - taking into consideration that this ability is a 30 second cooldown ability unless you hit a player (which is a great way to reward skillshots)

      • Rending Spin (all Axes)
        • Range: 6m -> 5m

        • The Rending Bleed stack is now only applied on the max distance effect (i.e. 2.5m or further away) (this will defeat the purpose of using this ability and reduce its overall value) - having to keep your targets 2.5m or further to just ensure that they will get bleed stacks is a bad way to play as melee when your very class is literally all about staying on your target to apply pressure.
    • Fred_the_Barbarian wrote:

      100% agree on the specter jacket thing. For some reason Retroman hates specter jackets and nerfs them every chance he gets. They just seem to get worse and worse every patch. IMO just roll it back a few patches to where we could increase the true damage with a good damage boost and it'll be OK.
      Yeah man, like axes in general aren't even borderline "op" or broken, they provide good pressure with its general toolkit of bleeds and healing debuff.

      Specter Jackets on the other hand, is just going downhill from here... the item itself is going to be devalued and its use will be extinguished given the fact that there's more value to other leather armor in its place, after this nerf is applied.

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