Let's talk about useless/overused items and how fix things (:

    • Let's talk about useless/overused items and how fix things (:

      Hey guys, feel free to put your own ideas on this topic that is about items that need a balance because they are useless or really underpowered and the overused or overpowered actually.

      Please make a good feedback, tell us why it need rework, how can it be done, etc... Just don't complain without arguing like a crybaby, thanks :thumbsup:

      Feel free to discuss my own ideas that comes right now :

      - Mercenary hood, guardian and soldier helmet
      The guardian helm is a god tier helm, the shield is already a great ability and this helm is overused, this helm killed the soldier that become useless since the shield change on guardian. Mercenary hood is great but not so used except on special situations like zergs or for escape builds. I think that a balance work can be done by changing a bit those 3 heads in order to make the guardian helm a bit less used, make the soldier helm used again and give some more interesting PvP opportunities for mercenary hood.

      You can do this in multiple ways but sadly the first thing to do is to nerf a bit a Guardian, removing the DoT purge and give this effect to Mercenary or remove the ability to give shield to allies and make the Soldier invincibility an AOE.

      But even without changing a thing in Guardian some upgrades could be done on Soldier : Longer invincibility, possibility to use spells while casting the invincibility, you can even rework it like specter shoes, a huge mana or even health burn/s that gives the invicibility.

      And same for Mercenary : add a little AOE CC effect like a 3m knockback, give some extra short buff (~2sec) like a run speed boost, CC duration reduction, a 1sec invicibility or a resistance buff.

      - Avalonian Plate Helmet
      Just to say that DoT purge can also be removed from Guardian helmet and put on this one (with big AOE) + the Mercenary (with small AOE). IMO great balancing here.

      - Bearpaws, Halberd,Great Axe... and axes in general :
      Axes is fun weapons to play with good DPS and fine mobility for a melee weapon, but some are going useless right now and need some littles upgrades. IMO, all axes should be balanced in such way : the more mobility, the less damage and opposition.

      Right now the Bearpaws are by far the best option, the DoT is insane, and the mobility is awesome too, so maybe we need some little rework on Bearpaws like less damage or a smaller AOE for E but with more range. That could make them stop being overused in group fights like Crystal League for the profit of other axes likes Halberd.

      Halberd is a really really good AOE weapon that send DoT like hell, but it becomes less and less used IMO, some changes on the E could put it back on the level this weapon deserve. You can simply make the E more powerful, you can add a DoT or a short malus that makes a little resistance reduction, even reduce the CD could fix a bit.

      Some Axes like Waraxe or Realmsbreaker are fine and have an interesting gameplay but some have great qualities and are not so used because not so useful and this is pretty sad.

      This is facts for Great Axe, pretty powerful, fun to play, but not so used in PvP, the E need to be a non cancelable channeling (maybe in exchange of the actual run speed boost?). This E need to be a strong and moving AOE that is hard to escape and impossible to cancel (or maybe just with a silence) since it last for some seconds. You can make a good cancelable E when this is a short spell like Dual Swords E, but it doesn't work well with long duration spell, the Great Axe E is just impossible to play on PvP... do we need PvE only weapon ?

      Maybe other axes needs an improvment for PvP and break the Bearpaws plague but I don't really play Axes a lot.

      Thanks for reading bro :thumbsup:

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    • Armor Balancing :

      IMO, plates are fine, leather and clothed need to be balanced in such way to be more equal : More damage boost but less health and armor with higher rates for clothes.

      Damage+30%/HP+200/RES+200 ->
      Damage +40%/HP+150/RES+150
      Damage +50%/HP+100/RES+100 ->
      Damage +65%/HP+50/RES+20

      This is fake numbers just to show the rates of the changes.
    • Rokov wrote:

      You did not even noticed that leather, cloth and plates has same amount of health, the difference is armor/magic resist, damage buffs and hp regen...
      Or maybe you can just think that this a part of the idea ? Plates are fine like they are now but they could have an HP and armor resist.

      I forgot to talk about the different resistances but they are fine rn, leather is perfectly balance, clothes have more magical than physical and plates have more physical than magical resistance, the difference between both resistance should be a bit up IMO.

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