Hellgate Adjustments in Patch 3

    • Unpopular opinion here, but I think HG are great loot and fame.

      Before the CTA update it was almost impossible to make good amount of silver in a single food use. There was a lot of people running in circles making us hostage or allwin combos that resets the fight for 25 minutes.
      But now if we get some wins we can easily make 1mil in 5 or 10 minutes and thats a good rewards. I've always asked about a HG with more fights and less running, thats what I got.

      About the fame, if u need fame theres dungeons that are made to provide fame, HG are there to get a fight agaisnt a group that is the same size as yours, fame in those type of content should be seen as an additional reward, not and incentive to bring people in.

      The only thing I would change is when u get a high infamy you will only get matched against the same team, but thats not a big of a problem even if I am the one who is losing.

      But that is for 2v2, i'm pretty sure it doesnt stand like taht for 5s and 10s.
    • You guys lose a lot of momentum and keep losing it, please stop! Do the fucking updates that people are asking for, as fast as possible because everyfucking gater is quiting the gates, some going to other content some to other games.

      The x2 are a complete garbage right now.

      The X5 is a garbage right now.

      The x10 is empty right now.

      All those for the practically same reason, the shit matchmaking, the non existent fights because of your infamy is too high to found matchs.

      Also there is no more fame on gates, what gives players a lot of demotivation since gates used to be a good fame farming place, hope that with this fix at least some of people come back to play the gates.

      Also fix Dagger Pair asap, the HG x2 never had suck a pussy metagame there is only space for Dagger Pair with healer.

      Please make other healers strong at HG x2.