Hellgate Adjustments in Patch 3

  • KyGho wrote:

    Why don't you focus on improving obvious things that the whole community is complaining about? They focus on 10x10 where players play, meanwhile a lot of people going to other games, stop playing albion... They missed the hellgate's hype timing and if nothing done, HG will die. I already talked about it in a post, but it seems you don't care. It seems that this content is insignificant for you, I think he doesn't know the potential that this content has, a HG 1x or 3x would be much better than a 10x. I am already giving up trying to do something for this game, a company that does not listen to the community does not go forward.
    Welcome in my world
  • HG x1 and x3 sounds nice, once CD are pve with some pvp (and not pvp with some pve) and 10s are so dificult to make groups.

    But lets focus on relesed content. Make 2s more interesting for veterans that wanna risk more than T4.2 garbage build.

    Idk how much is viable, but add season points and more loot or fame may bring new flesh into gates (yes, with a cap like crystals)

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