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      Hi everyone, i am Kay,
      I have several suggestions to improve dramatically our gameplay. They are easy to implement and I'm sure many of you will like them and agree with me.

      1. The first one is instead of only adding additional tabs with silver to increase your chest space to be made option to increase the size of a specific tab for silver.
      This way will help you to stack armour and weapons better with those different enchantments and qualities and you still will be spending money to increase space.

      2. I suggest making a search bar in those personal chests and guild chests. Sometimes you spend so much time searching for something you need..

      3. The passive skills UI. We all know that every character has passive skills revolving around autos or spells but it's Inconvenient to check in your right corner or count when my passive will pop up. Instead, my suggestion is to be made UI above your character health.(for example like in a league of legends Annie or Jhin ). You can make an option in the menu to be turned on/off like names and alliances.

      4. Add Event Calendar like in WoW

      5. Add Ready check for groups like in WoW

      6. Customisable island names and nameplates. Imagine, you have 20+ island and every island has a different name. This way you will find the island you need faster

      These are my suggestions for now. If you like it Vote so we can drag attention and they end up in the game someday.

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      well, 240+ people seen this post and did not react or comment .... makes me think that you don't understand what such changes mean or you don't care about them
      However, remember what life could be if there wasn't an estimated market value on every item in your bag next time you skip such a post without reacting at all
      because the estimated market value was introduced to the game because of the community suggestions just like those.