CDR UI bug

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      CDR 27% w/assassin hood, 0 passive CDR active.

      Pic taken after using bloodlust default CD: 60 secs.

      60 seconds shown.

      CD notation taken, confirmed at 30 secs to be the halfway pt of the visual CD wheel. (greyed area)

      CD timed by stopwatch to be accurate with bonuses of 27% CDR applied.

      Conclusion: UI timer is bugged to show default values regardless of actual active bonuses.
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      Dagother wrote:

      Hey, it was changed with introduction of numeric cooldown timers how cooldown is displayed on the spell button so cooldown modifier speeds up the timer, the actual cooldown duration is correct. This ofc leads to this issue where you cannot really see the cooldown after reduction as on the tooltip, that's something devs will look into if we can make cooldown modifier from equipped items displayed as initial cooldown while having cooldown modifier boosted with spells working as right now.