The transport mammoth's health is ridiculously low

    • The transport mammoth's health is ridiculously low

      I know that the mammoth's low health is to make it fair for gankers to easily bring one down, but that's sorta taking away the mammoth's purpose as a whole, being so large makes it difficult to bring down, it literally has the same health as a direbear at 3797 but with slightly higher resistances, paired with its abysmal speed making it the slowest in the game is literally a walking buffet for gankers XD why not make it fair for the transporters as well? Adjusting the mammoth's health to at least between 4500-5000 should give it more of a purpose and if the health be buffed then nerf the carry weight capacity to 18k kg or so, I doubt everyone would be able to use all 20k kg daily lmao
    • People use the full weight multiple times a day. Mammoths are for big time Econ players they don’t exist to solely help medium scale crafters. Most people who use transport mammoths will rarely need to enter redzones (BM crafters excluded) so the health doesn’t matter. And the risk vs. reward philosophy of the game should punish using a big slow mount that carries a ton by making it killable
    • A mammoth takes a pretty reasonable amount of effort to take down. A HP boost also doesn't help as much as you think. The times I have come close to dying on a mammoth, it had nothing to do with HP and everything to do with me getting stun locked and losing complete control of my character.. So HP doesn't really do anything but hold off the inevitable.
      I'd rather have CC immunity than more HP.