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      All 10v10 problem by albionOnlineTV: clips.twitch.tv/SparklyRenowne…orgiDerp-sqEOarG35y4Vp94a

      Problem summary:
      1. Hard to found 10 people for doing that
      2. High base IP CAP, every build more than 1kk
      3. Annoying PVE content
      4. Poor(NO) fame reward (CD >>>> any type of HG)
      5. Lack of other people doing 10v10, because of 1 and 2
      6. Poor silver reward because 5 (Main boss will spawn really rare, 1/hour; small bosses 2-3/hour)
      We get 6 fights for ~7 hours of PVE content. And ~3 hours i spent to build a team
      Reward: ~11-12kk
      Lose: 5kk
      Winrate: ~50%

      Over all, 10v10 is dead content
    • Tottally agree. Verry annoing and dissapointing doing PvE while youre fully ready to PvP.

      Actually i think it would be cool if there was a mechanic to escape instance if >50% (or more) of your party is dead. More players will try lethal hellgates cause there is less chance to die if youll get matched vs top tier teams, also that wont help any skip rats.
    • From my perspective, there are 2 ways to solve this problem.

      What to do: Transform it to the arena with 6.0 IP cap, 10v10 fight to the death, like yellow but you die.
      How it solves: cheaper builds ppl will start doing it for fun but for the first few days then abandon again.
      What it solves: problems 2 and 5

      What to do: Make current 10v10 hellgates way more rewardable. At least they should give 2 times more fame than broken corrupted dungeons and bosses should spawn 3-4 times more often.
      fame - 2x as CD. (infamy adjustments too, N infamy in 10v10 should be equal 10-100N infamy in corrupted, because it's much harder to get infamy in 10v10)
      bosses - 3-4x spawn rate as it's now (it will summon more players for a more rewardable content)
      How it solves: As 10v10 became high reward fame/silver content more teams will start running it (even if you get no opponent you get a reward for your time). As well it solves a problem with high gear 8.0 cap equivalent (as your reward is big enough to cover your time/gear losses and fun gaining).
      What it solves: problems 1,2,4-6

      The biggest problem now is not gearing 1100 base IP for 10 ppl but is going with your team to 10v10 hellgates and you have no contact in 1 hour and you're lucky if you faced just 1 big boss during this run.
      So I'm pretty sure many players would like to see this content more populated due to high fame/silver reward, right now 10v10 hellgates are the HCE with no fame/silver reward (have no ideas about the fame in HCE but I bet it's more).