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      During the fulfillment process, where the game is purchasing and delivering items to players, when a lower quality (Normal, Good,...) item's order is filled by an item of a higher quality than the order demands, is the item that is delivered to the player as a reward the quality of the order, or the quality of the item that filled the order.

      This sounds complicated, even to me, so an example.

      Orders for individual items with quality are broken up by quality. There are X normal quality items, Y good quality items,... ,each with their own order on the BM. The BM also allows you to fill any order with the same item of a higher quality. So you can fill a normal quality order with an exceptional quality item.

      So if there is an order for a normal quality T3 Broadsword on the BM and I sell it my exceptional quality T3 Broadsword to fill that order. When the item is eventually given out as a reward to some player somewhere, does that player get a normal quality T3 Broadsword or do they get the exceptional quality T3 Broadsword?

      My guess is that the black box function of the BM where it is constantly churning inputs and outputs, doesn't preserve the higher quality. That it just adds +1 to it's normal quality T3 Broadsword counter and moves on with its BM day.
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    • Malkalma wrote:

      Same as normal market. If the Black Market pays 200k for the Normal, 100k for the Masterpiece and you sell a Masterpiece item for 200k, it becomes Normal quality.
      I'm do not agree.
      I set buy order for normal items on the regular market and sometimes get Masterpieces and all sorts of qualities. My guess is Black Market will pass on the quality of the item - why ? Because the item will still say "Crafted by: [player name]". And it wouldn't make sense then because the player didn't craft a normal quality but a masterpiece(for example).