Nerf the one hand mace

    • Nerf the one hand mace

      It is really ridicolous: damege, short cooldowns, mobility, crowd control who tested the change in the test server a class of kindergarden kids maybe....why not next a crossbow with a 12s run ond the W, a 5s cooldown E with 2000 damage that cannot be reflected or interrupted to not talk about the guardian helmet another ridicolously buff
    • I agree one hand mace is in a way too high dmg state for a tank wep rn if you want it to have dmg its ok but the w has 10 secs is a super short cast and also knocks up
      the biggest problem is that you can play it 3 times in hgs and it works also 2 times in 2v2 hg works i think if a weapon works nearly only being played its too strong.
      suggestions on nerfs to balance it would be:
      just nerf w dmg or remove the knockup its just too overloaded for the cd just being a w ability
    • do you even play mace? do you know how hard it is to land E or W on moving target?

      E hit box may be 5 meters but stun meter is only 3 meters
      and the W ground shaker can be run out of if the stun from E does not land. it could also be interrupted

      and when played against a range player with tons of mobility like frost or bow of badon they practically cannot do anything cause it counter them completely along side being able to keep up with them in terms of mobility

      and in the open world landing the mace E is even harder that is why most people start with snare charge W and not take ground shaker W

      it takes actual skill to land mace properly compared to tombhammer when it was meta and even then mace was in your face after he use all his skills so you could fight back
      Also maces did not have extra mobility skill like slowing charge W that tombhammer have to run away or could poke from a mile away with E making you waste defenses

      if you are having so much trouble vs a mace a tombhammer match up would be even worst for you

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