Low shop taxes in Fort Sterling

    • Low shop taxes in Fort Sterling

      When you do the math, many times the shop taxes in Fort Sterling are so high that you’d be better off crafting on your own island. But who wants to invest in a t8 shop and keep filling it with food? That’s how the shop owners get away with it. So, I have built up a fully upgraded guild island called “Coherence” and given every major alliance access with all shops, most at t8, and the taxes permanently set at just over the price of food. Come by and check it out! Make it your home and use to your hearts content. I will never remove it.

      I will not ever recoup the price of building this island. It is my gift to Fort Sterling to keep the shop mafia in check.

      If, by chance, you don’t have access to Coherence. Send me an email and we can get you added. I will add any guild to the “Thats what she said” alliance if you need. It’s not a real alliance per se, but it gives whoever wants access perms to the island if your little alt guild of your crafters is not in a big alliance.