Ganking Nerfs and Feedback

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      The more AO's population rises too.
      [citation needed]
      Notice how the population rose even during spots where "ganking" got nerfed as you say...If you are a fairly new player and then get wtf shit stomped by 7-10 gankers (which is the avg size ganking group btw) the chances of you rage quitting and never playing the game, never telling your friends to play and never to return again are pretty high. This game needs player retention to work effectively because it's a player run economy. Scare away the gatherers and those that actually make the economy work and you're left with just a bunch of sweaty, neck beard losers wondering wny the game is dead. As I said before the population has been increasing over the years because of unfortunately covid shutdowns but also because the devs moved away from the hardcore open world only features and adapted an approach where it appeals to more players. I think they over did it on the instanced stuff though.
      Bring back the strong clap builds. Buff solo ganking like the old soldier armor, demon cape, grove builds. Nerfs to soldier armor, brimstone, galas, etc really encouraged larger parties to roam.