Kingmaker ability rework

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    • Kingmaker ability rework

      Kingmaker is probably one of the worst ava weapons, mostly because its extremley hard to hit an enemy and its damage is not enough for the cooldown

      So I think it needs a rework

      Current E ability

      Swing the blade around you dealing 123 physical damage and knock enemies within a 6m radius around you into the air for 0.85s. While enemies are in the air you follow up with a vertical smash dealing massive physical damage in a line behind and in front of you. The damage scales with your heroic charge stacks and consumes them.Zero charges: 242

      One charge: 390
      Two charge: 585
      Three charges: 828
      Energy Cost53
      Cast TimeInstant

      I suggest another rework, with a completely different look, and that matches more the theme of the weapon

      My idea

      It is now called "The sword in the stone"

      Embed your sword into the ground, knocking all enemies within 6m of you into the air, and imbueing with a radiant power

      For 10 seconds you get a buff which increases your resistances and movement speed by 20%, aditionally, while this buff
      is active, you can consume an heroic charge to make a King's slash attack (you can make up to 5 king slashes per cast)

      King slash: Swings the sword, hitting all enemies in a cone, dealing 480 damage and reducing their attack by 10% (the type of damage
      depens on the enemy's lowest resistance) (this effect stacks up to 6 times) (the attack´s cast time is 0.5 seconds)
      Energy Cost53
      Cast TimeInstant

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    • i don't like it to much.
      For this reason:

      1. KM had the most damage E from swords.
      2. KM its nice on 10v10 and maybe 20v20 now with caerleon cape.

      KM or CD reduction from 25 to 20, or more AOE in the 2nd hit.
      Why don't both? cause it will be broken, more AOE and -5s CD.