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      Due to recent changes in the pricing of fish, I believe a great solution would be to add enchanted fish to the game. Simply follow the existing rules as enchanted stone, so that the .1 .2 and .3 variants give more chopped fish or fame for eating them.

      Maybe also consider adding .1 .2 and .3 seaweed to help with making the different type of fish sauce. The fish enchant rate could/should also benefit from the territory levels in the black zone. Following the same formula that enchanted stone brings currently would add:

      .1 seaweed = 2 basic seaweed
      .2 seaweed = 4 basic seaweed
      .3 seaweed = 8 basic seaweed

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    • I think that this could be a viable option to the current chopped fish/seaweed situation. Currently, the sell price for chopped fish is averaging around 108-120 in the royals and in Caerleon it is spiking at over 160 per chopped fish.

      Seaweed has gone up in price over ten-fold since last year. It was hovering around the 160's, 6 months ago. I stocked up then. Since then the sale price has skyrocketed to around 1600 +/- in the royals and in Caerleon it's a whopping 1899.

      There is Zero resource return rate when crafting Fish Sauce so Basic Fish sauce costs at an average (averaging the high and low sales prices in royals) 115 x 15 chops = 1725 + 1ea seaweed x 1600 = 1600
      1725 + 1600 = 3325 Now multiply that by the 90 (Yes Ninety) fish sauce needed to craft 10 each of the 7.1 Omelet's and you have a cost of 299,250 silver needed to craft the 90 Basic fish sauce in order to craft 10 7.1 Pork omelets, or really any .1 food.

      You can do the math for .2 and .3 yourself
      .2 you need 45 chopped fish + 3 seaweed
      .3 you need 135 chopped fish + 9 Seaweed

      Granted a lot of folks do their own fishing to get chopped fish and run laborers as well. Also those are the selling prices but folks do buy at those prices.
      But something has gone wrong with the Seaweed Market and the item that you get for LOSING at fishing is more expensive than some of the 5.1 materials in game. Please note that before the CTA update, seaweed was more expensive than most of the 6.1 refined materials, and it is still more expensive that 6.1 ore and wood.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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