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      The Dev's should remove some spells from t4 and t5 or have a larger cooldown so they have to wear better gears and potentially cost the ganker if they die.
      The risk reward for a group of gankers is minimal.

      The risk reward for gatherers in t8 is costly.

      I have gathered more than most ever will.

      There should be a constant fear of gathering even in your own guilds zone.

      However the reward for wearing scrub gears and getting bang for buck = waste of time.

      no1 like wasting there time unless they are challenged.

      The truth is the game is badly balanced has been for many years.


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      You guess I know.
      They still have spells just not all like it is currently although more cooldowns for higher tier maybe you are a fucktard so you don't understand.
      this u?

      ISTILLLOVEU wrote:

      The Dev's should remove spells from t4 and t5
      That doesn't say "make lower tiers have longer cooldowns" (which fun fact some skill cooldowns are based on IP), it says remove them period. Anyway, many of the gankers I know use much higher than t5 gear. The only people this hurts are new players who have to use the gear you decided to nerf for no reason.
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      Neehz wrote:

      This is simply wrong. When you enter a PVP zone, you consent that non-consentual PVP might happen. Clicking a consent button that makes you win 100$ but have a 0.1% chance to send you directly to jail isn't a button that make you consent to go directly to jail, it's a button that makes you consent to have 0.1% chance to go to jail.
      When i want to do pvp only, I don't play albion, I go for league of legend.
      So let me get this straight: when you click the button you accept the risk of going to jail, but you don't accept actually going to jail?You clicked the button and you accept that a bad thing might happen, and therefore you accept the consequences of that bad thing.
      Fun fact t4 could kill t8.

      Fun fact it still can.

      Your a pleb.


      You talk about jail maybe you would do better there.