3xile is Recruiting! - International - 18/21/0 UTC ZvZ - TERRA/POE Coalition - T8/8.1 Regears - Daily ZvZ, PvP, PvE, Hideouts! - Bridgewatch

    • 3xile is Recruiting! - International - 18/21/0 UTC ZvZ - TERRA/POE Coalition - T8/8.1 Regears - Daily ZvZ, PvP, PvE, Hideouts! - Bridgewatch

      3xile Leads The Way! If you're tired of massive hype guilds without any soul or character and that lack a real community; or just want a fresh experience where every member is a valuable and not just fodder, this is the guild for you.

      We finished in the Top 30 Guilds Season 17 and our current goal is to hit 200k Season Points for Season 17!

      During our second full season active, starting from the ground up, we achieved our goal of hitting GOLD Season 12 & 15 and managed to break into the Top 20 Guilds on the server! Now we are openly recruiting again to come back strong for another Gold push in Season 16; while making sure we increase our manpower/mass at CTAs and improve our members' ZvZ/PvP Skills to compete with the best. We constantly fight/have fought against the best guilds/alliances in Albion and believe that facing strong opponents is the best way to improve in all aspects of ZvZ.

      We are also open to small guilds looking to merge, working together to reach our goal of becoming the best International guild in Albion. Any merged guilds will be given a position in leadership so they have a voice in the direction of the guild.

      We are constantly fighting High-Tier Alliances/Guilds (Multiple Top 10/25 Guilds) etc. We have experienced leadership and held terris for multiple seasons with strong logistical support for our players/the resources to facilitate anything they need.

      If you are a new/smaller guild that's looking to get started in the black zone; feel free to hop in our discord and ask any questions you have regarding first steps you should take.

      Background: We’re a 0 % Tax Rate, ZvZ Focused Guild based in Bridgewatch. We have an active Discord, and are looking for Veteran & New Players to Albion Online interested in ZvZ/GvG/PvP who are seeking a competitive, mature, respectful, friendly, and helpful community. Our focus is on Black Zone ZvZ, Small-scale GvG fights, Crystal GvGs and territory ownership. We have daily and weekly activities geared towards getting our members up to speed/into the game. We currently have an established hideout in a Quality 5 Territory within the black zone with access to many others as well. If you are looking to join, you need to be willing to get in discord and socialize with your fellow guild members. We are looking for driven members who want to be part of our community.

      Details/Gameplay: Our focus is on CONTENT/FUN! Our scheduled guild activities include Daily ZvZ/Open-World Content for Cores/Crystals/Chests/etc, NA/EU 20v20/5v5 Crystal GvGs, 2v2/5v5/10v10 Hellgates, Group Fame Farms (Dungeons), Faction ZvZ, Mage Raiding, and general PVP/PVE content that our members will enjoy. We are mainly focused on ZvZ/GvG/PvP in general but offer all types of content to our members. We also do frequent Avalonian Dungeons to fame up our members and get the 10% fame buff.

      Amenities: Our hideout currently has a ~50% RRR on Crafting with T8 Crafting Stations in a Quality 5 zone; perfect for personal & guild economy so our members don't need to worry about affording sets. We also spent over 200+ million silver just at the end of season giveaways, gucci sets, battle mounts, and simply reinvesting back into our members; because that's what makes our guild what it is. The stronger our members are, the stronger our guild is and we always try to find ways to show our appreciation for their dedication/hard work. We also do Giveaway/Loot Split Events typically weekly, usually even more a week. Transports, donkey races, you name it; we've got it. We're always open to suggestions for fun events!

      ZvZ Attendance: For ZvZers seeking a competitive/hardcore experience, we offer Full T8 Regears (8.1 for Veterans/Skilled/High-Spec Members) that means weapon, armor, AND cape; the only things our members need to buy are mounts/food/potions. We don't cheap out on our members like a lot of other guilds, Daily ZvZs, Faction Flag ZvZ, skirmishes, and other exciting content for those who want to participate. You will have access to full ZvZ sets for your regears. If you are online AND available we expect your assistance at CTAs, however, Real Life comes first. Just speak to one of our officers if you can't make it to the CTA or will be on vacation/inactive for a longer period of time. We offer incentives/benefits to those who are interested.

      Starting Season 17, we will have a minimum CTA requirement per week, this can be satisfied through Main Guild/Alliance CTAs at 18/21 UTC and Outpost/Castle CTAs at other timers.

      Responsibilities: Every member is expected to contribute/help out the Guild, in return they receive numerous benefits such as access to hideouts and safe territories to grow in.

      Culture: We endeavor to treat our members like family and teach/support them through mentorship or guild-run fame farms/PVP events etc;we do NOT tolerate toxicity/flaming that takes away from their enjoyment of the game. We promote an 18+ environment/atmosphere. We strive to treat all our members fairly and help them become excellent players. We are focused on a growth/improvement mindset and want every member to constantly be striving to improve.


      -50M PvE Fame OR 20M PvP Fame
      -Discord Mandatory
      -Be Active
      -Willingness to socialize in Discord and attend Guild CTAs
      -English Comprehension
      -Growth/Improvement/Competitive Mindset

      If you are below our requirements, you will need a vouch from a current member, each application is considered on a case-by-case basis; supports/healers mains are given greater consideration.

      However, we understand that new players bring fresh blood and activity to the game, there are those that have the competitive mindset, skill, and competence to rapidly reach end-game content. With that in mind there is a set cap for the number of newbros/inexperienced players that are allowed in the guild at any one time on a trial basis, so that the majority of our members can focus on end-game content. We fill new slots as they open up, either from those who graduate to full member or are removed for lack of activity. Giving new players to Albion a chance at end-game content.

      ZvZ Requirements:

      -1350+ IP for Healers, Supports, Tanks
      -1400+ IP for DPS, 1500+ IP on T8/equivalent weapon
      -Ability to play at least two different roles (DPS/Healer/Tank/Support)

      We are currently recruiting Experienced Shotcallers as well for both ZvZ and GvG content to build depth in our calling team!

      Our Focus is Quality Over Mass Quantity!


      How to Apply: discord.gg/3xile

      Backup discord link: discord.gg/HASzEbWxjt

      -Read the #rules channel and react to the message at the bottom.

      -Follow the instructions in the #recruitment-application channel.

      3xile Leads The Way!

      In our most recent season, we hit Rank #30 and 120K+ season points!


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