Hellgate needs some attention urgently, or it will became a dead content.

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    • Hellgate needs some attention urgently, or it will became a dead content.

      The current state of Hellgate is dull, repetitive, and unbalanced. With the 10% nerf on Healers, several healing cut weapons are very broken, such as carrion caller, dagger pair and staff of balance, 90% of HG are these 3 builds. There are cases that, even using all the defensive weapons correctly, the healer can't hold the healing. There is no skill play nowadays, several builds where the win condition is to deplete the enemy's mana, this is ridiculous, Healers and Dps using plate, with real armor, extenting the fights until they finish with the basic resources for survival.

      Main problems:

      :!: Shields shoudln't count as heals!

      Heal buffs and debuffs influences in the shield received, this makes no sense at all! For example, when using Sacred Blessing and then some shield, the effect of increased healing influences the shield. In this last patch healers suffered nerfs in all heals, this nerf of 10% HEAL also influences the SHIELD!!

      << Notice the amount of shield received before and after the healing debuff.
      << In this case, the heal buff increases the shield size

      Solution: separate Heal from Shield, they can't be the same thing. Also remove the 10% heal debuff, there is no need for this after so much nerf on Healers.

      :!: Matchmaking

      The Matchmaking is not working! I did a test recently, created an account from 0 to do Hellgates, my first fight was against top 15! If it was working, wasn't it to pair with someone who would also be starting? This causes the starting player to easily give up on the content and never come back. The first and second day after the CTA update, the game was packed with players doing 2x2, but after 1 week it already dropped drastically. And for those who are already in the top rankings hardly do PvP, Albion doesn't have many active players in the top rank to have frequent fights. Imagine a League of Legends Challenger Ranked Queue, where there would be pairing of who is challenger / Grandmaster, in Albion the same thing is happening, but we dont have enough players in albion to find fights, it would be interesting if the "challenger" players could fight even with Gold links or get back to random pairing...

      Solution: Get back to random pairing but with difficulty divisions the same as in corrupted dungeons, this would make HG much more fun, with this IP cap all have the same chance to win, will win who play better the match up. Most HG players I know, when they get some PvE is a reason to do other content. Make pairing easier!

      If there is this random pairing you guys could remove the PvE from Hellgate because every time they enter inside the Gate there would be fights. The player that die would drop Red Fame based on current infamy, for example if I have 3m HG infamy when I die I would give 45k red fame, the more HG infamy I have the more I drop. If I don't have any opponent to fight, the game will leave me in a lobby until I have an opponent (a little unlikely to happen). But how can I earn infamy if I don't get it from mobs? Place a fixed infamy + a percentage, for example if I kill a player he will drop 100 of fixed infamy + 10% of current infamy[b]

      :!: Dagger pair is totally unbalanced

      After the buff on the dagger pair, they became very popular among 2x2 players, but it has became a totally unbalanced weapon. The DAMAGE, CD and Healing debuff are way off the curve. Comparing the dagger with a claymore, which is a combo weapon aswell, it's way more powerfull, for example a claymore 4.0 full spec gives 988 physical damage while the dagger pair gives 1563 with the bleed, 1172 without the bleed, the double E of deathgivers gives 1310 damage. All of this with 15 sec cd, while the black hands is 20 sec, the claymore is also 20 sec and etc. It is very difficult to heal a dagger pair , because if I use the Guardian Helmet before the dagger pair's E I will hold the initial damage, but I will receive 20% healing cut for 4 seconds, if I use the Guardian Helmet after the dagger E the chance of dying is very high because I will take a lot of burst damage but will cancel the healing cut debuff. So the point is, there's not much things that the healer can do to heal the dagger pair, any answer to his combo seems to be bad, that can't happen

      Solution: Nerf the E's damage (make it look like a claymore), 20 or 25 sec CD on E, the healing debuff should be like a separate debuff that can be cleansed, nowadays the healing debuff can only be removed with guardian helmet, again, 15 sec E to 40 sec guardian, doesn't makes sense

      :!: Mobs influencing PvP


      I have little footage of this type, but notice how much the boss hinders in this fight, the ranged that this mob was hitting is too far away. This may seem a little irrelevant, but it is something that would make the HG more enjoyable.

      Solution: Remove the Boss / mobs from the altar while the fight is happening, after the fight, come back with those same mobs.

      :!: Bad chests and fame.

      Hellgate 2x2's loot is not compensating the risk! High level fights, even if the player wins, the loot from the chest is really bad, and most of the time 60% of the body loot breaks.I did a comparison of the 2x2 Lethal chest and the 5x5 non lethal chest and I felt the 5x5 loot was much better than the 2x2 even though I had more infamy in 2x2

      Solution: Increase drastically the fame of the Mobs or improve only the Boss fame, improve the Loot of the chests, giving more attention to the final chest.

      :!: Minor improvements[/b]

      clips.twitch.tv/IronicTenuousShrewOSfrog-zJCtIBcU6JULyYpS << Some players, after losing their duo, run until out of combat and give suicide, they drop infamy, but doesn't drop PvP fame. This also happens when one of them runs into the middle of the lava to kill himself, EVEN IN COMBAT they do NOT drop PvP fame, only infamy. In my opinion this should be fixed just like infamy.

      The ability to achieve victory by changing and adapting to the enemy is called a genius - Sun Tzu
    • Shields shoudln't count as heals! - agree, everyone who plays as a healer is unhappy with this absurd amount of nerf

      Matchmaking - in my opinion and that of several friends, matchmaking should not exist. it should only be random matches. Place to learn is in the yellow zone. the ip cap is enough for everyone to fight on equal terms

      Dagger pair is totally unbalanced - pair of daggers is only being so strong, because the healer is totally nerfed

      Mobs influencing PvP - 100% agree.

      Bad chests and fame. - I have never seen a content in the albion being as slaughtered as the HG x2 is being, what is this loot? what a ridiculous thing !!!!! the loot is terrible !!

      [b][i] Minor improvements - 100% agree. [/b][/i]
    • On 2v2 at the moment, I don't feel well rewarded after a fight. I'm having a lot of fair fights, really hard fights which are too stressful and when i win that i only will took 400k of the body and 50k on the chest. Then.. i will have to choice > should i bank a shit loot or go to other fair fights which i can have 50% chance of winning or something like that? 2V2 reward isn't worth at the moment to new players and to veteran players.
      We are just basically trashing itens and it feels like a type of masochism.

      Yeah, its cool when we have a lot of fights, thats great. I really like it. But fights atm too are super annoying by one side we have SOB comp which kills u anyway if you use your defensives or don't and by other side we have dagger pair which instantly kill you if you don't purge it.

      That ip cap its a problem to some weapons and to reward of 2v2's. Some weapons needs of ip scale on their skills to do something and 1100 makes it difficulty to a lot of weapons. We are just having heal debuff comps/interrupt heals comp or instantly kill weapons (like dagger pair). The 2v2 pool isn't good.

      I was so excited on the early, but most of the guys that i know and most of the people i've talked about 2v2 are seriously desapointed with the actual situation of 2v2.

      I'm just playing that for masochism, but the content will become dead in few days if you guys don't pay attention on that.
    • what can we say? we all need this, do more attention to hellgate players, please SBI, every time you nerf something, it affects us directly, STAFF of UNBALANCED is very STRONG, against all comps, DAGGER PAIR IS SO BROKEN that no one can heal that, even the best healer, the pvp fame that we do not receive after they run and die to lava is so sad.

      do something to us too, and the reward X risk is not fair, thank you, and agree with kygho 100%