Hellgate needs some attention urgently, or it will became a dead content.

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    • Agreed with the most, the only issue is that, most of the heal reducing weapons are strong at the moment because of the 10% debuff. SOB are used in 5v5s since a long time ago, and it's pretty balanced there. SBI should pay attention at this 10% debuff.

      About matchmaking, i think all players should agree that the optimal is to have levels such as corrupteds, and separate veterans from newcomers, allowing everyone to learn and have fun!

      Again about newcomers, its impossible to them to focus on HG now days, how they're supposed to get fame to spec up their builds? Me and several players who were used to play yellow 5v5s to learn matchups and spec up are now doing non-lethals, the fights are good but we almost don't earn any fame for our equipment.

      That's all.
    • Analista11 wrote:

      Shields shoudln't count as heals! - agree, everyone who plays as a healer is unhappy with this absurd amount of nerf

      Matchmaking - in my opinion and that of several friends, matchmaking should not exist. it should only be random matches. Place to learn is in the yellow zone. the ip cap is enough for everyone to fight on equal terms

      Dagger pair is totally unbalanced - pair of daggers is only being so strong, because the healer is totally nerfed

      Mobs influencing PvP - 100% agree.

      Bad chests and fame. - I have never seen a content in the albion being as slaughtered as the HG x2 is being, what is this loot? what a ridiculous thing !!!!! the loot is terrible !!

      [i] Minor improvements - 100% agree. [/b][/i]
      I agree 100% for this .

      dagger pair is broken becase healer is nerfed.

      Iam streaming and matchmaking is a very problem.

      The pairing is completely broken, it doesn't work. Another problem that I have noticed, is way the pairing is working now, people are able to simply watch my live on twitch and prepare to counter my build.

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    • i'm a streamer as well and the matchmaking is terrible, it doesn't work as well as healers are soooooo weak that i dont even want to play the game anymore and dagger pair are broken as fuck as well as staff of balance and IT'S SOOO SIMPLE TO CORRECT THOSE MISTAKE. you should remove the matchmaking and put a new t8 hg 2x2 to players with a bigger ip and players who bought the t8 hg 2x2 are going to go vs people who also bought the t8 hg 2x2 it's sooo simples it fells like you guys want to kill hg 2x2 and the chest is a shit it gives nooo loot. 50k of silver it's no enough even to buy my pots this when the chest is happy to give us 50k of silver
    • Agreed! Hellgates 2x2 are so unbalanced right now that I even stoped playing Albion for the last week. I really don't even know if I'm gonna come back if this content is not balanced again. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are not playing Staff of balance plus some dps or dagger pair... you have no chance. It's ridiculous actually. You can't do anything against those weapons, just accept that you already lost when you see your opponents are using these comps.
    • KyGho wrote:

      The current state of Hellgate is dull, repetitive, and unbalanced. With the 10% nerf on Healers, several healing cut weapons are very broken, such as carrion caller, dagger pair and staff of balance, 90% of HG are these 3 builds. There are cases that, even using all the defensive weapons correctly, the healer can't hold the healing. There is no skill play nowadays, several builds where the win condition is to deplete the enemy's mana, this is ridiculous, Healers and Dps using plate, with real armor, extenting the fights until they finish with the basic resources for survival.

      Main problems:

      :!: Shields shoudln't count as heals!

      Heal buffs and debuffs influences in the shield received, this makes no sense at all! For example, when using Sacred Blessing and then some shield, the effect of increased healing influences the shield. In this last patch healers suffered nerfs in all heals, this nerf of 10% HEAL also influences the SHIELD!!

      << Notice the amount of shield received before and after the healing debuff.
      << In this case, the heal buff increases the shield size

      Solution: separate Heal from Shield, they can't be the same thing. Also remove the 10% heal debuff, there is no need for this after so much nerf on Healers.

      :!: Matchmaking

      The Matchmaking is not working! I did a test recently, created an account from 0 to do Hellgates, my first fight was against top 15! If it was working, wasn't it to pair with someone who would also be starting? This causes the starting player to easily give up on the content and never come back. The first and second day after the CTA update, the game was packed with players doing 2x2, but after 1 week it already dropped drastically. And for those who are already in the top rankings hardly do PvP, Albion doesn't have many active players in the top rank to have frequent fights. Imagine a League of Legends Challenger Ranked Queue, where there would be pairing of who is challenger / Grandmaster, in Albion the same thing is happening, but we dont have enough players in albion to find fights, it would be interesting if the "challenger" players could fight even with Gold links or get back to random pairing...

      Solution: Get back to random pairing but with difficulty divisions the same as in corrupted dungeons, this would make HG much more fun, with this IP cap all have the same chance to win, will win who play better the match up. Most HG players I know, when they get some PvE is a reason to do other content. Make pairing easier!

      If there is this random pairing you guys could remove the PvE from Hellgate because every time they enter inside the Gate there would be fights. The player that die would drop Red Fame based on current infamy, for example if I have 3m HG infamy when I die I would give 45k red fame, the more HG infamy I have the more I drop. If I don't have any opponent to fight, the game will leave me in a lobby until I have an opponent (a little unlikely to happen). But how can I earn infamy if I don't get it from mobs? Place a fixed infamy + a percentage, for example if I kill a player he will drop 100 of fixed infamy + 10% of current infamy[b]

      :!: Dagger pair is totally unbalanced

      After the buff on the dagger pair, they became very popular among 2x2 players, but it has became a totally unbalanced weapon. The DAMAGE, CD and Healing debuff are way off the curve. Comparing the dagger with a claymore, which is a combo weapon aswell, it's way more powerfull, for example a claymore 4.0 full spec gives 988 physical damage while the dagger pair gives 1563 with the bleed, 1172 without the bleed, the double E of deathgivers gives 1310 damage. All of this with 15 sec cd, while the black hands is 20 sec, the claymore is also 20 sec and etc. It is very difficult to heal a dagger pair , because if I use the Guardian Helmet before the dagger pair's E I will hold the initial damage, but I will receive 20% healing cut for 4 seconds, if I use the Guardian Helmet after the dagger E the chance of dying is very high because I will take a lot of burst damage but will cancel the healing cut debuff. So the point is, there's not much things that the healer can do to heal the dagger pair, any answer to his combo seems to be bad, that can't happen

      Solution: Nerf the E's damage (make it look like a claymore), 20 or 25 sec CD on E, the healing debuff should be like a separate debuff that can be cleansed, nowadays the healing debuff can only be removed with guardian helmet, again, 15 sec E to 40 sec guardian, doesn't makes sense

      :!: Mobs influencing PvP


      I have little footage of this type, but notice how much the boss hinders in this fight, the ranged that this mob was hitting is too far away. This may seem a little irrelevant, but it is something that would make the HG more enjoyable.

      Solution: Remove the Boss / mobs from the altar while the fight is happening, after the fight, come back with those same mobs.

      :!: Bad chests and fame.

      Hellgate 2x2's loot is not compensating the risk! High level fights, even if the player wins, the loot from the chest is really bad, and most of the time 60% of the body loot breaks.I did a comparison of the 2x2 Lethal chest and the 5x5 non lethal chest and I felt the 5x5 loot was much better than the 2x2 even though I had more infamy in 2x2

      Solution: Increase drastically the fame of the Mobs or improve only the Boss fame, improve the Loot of the chests, giving more attention to the final chest.

      :!: Minor improvements[/b]

      clips.twitch.tv/IronicTenuousShrewOSfrog-zJCtIBcU6JULyYpS << Some players, after losing their duo, run until out of combat and give suicide, they drop infamy, but doesn't drop PvP fame. This also happens when one of them runs into the middle of the lava to kill himself, EVEN IN COMBAT they do NOT drop PvP fame, only infamy. In my opinion this should be fixed just like infamy.

      É isso ai memo caraio
    • The meta is really garbage right now, Low IP doesn't make the content as fun as used to be, having this Low IP implies on cheap Building(Item Price x Average total build cost), making the pool possible to build so low that certain builds just melt you instantly,

      You guys have come with the Item Power Gear thing, but forget that the IP isn't the only information on the big picture, the economy side of HG is important as well,

      This meta offers a lot of risk, with a bunch of different comps of Dual CC and Ridiculous Strong Dagger + Healer, but the reward isn't enough for this much risk, for those factor.

      1. There if no more fame at all, you simple cant spec anything on the Hell Gate anymore, and if you wanna spec anything you have to do DG's or something else, what is lame cuz the CDG's give a shit ton of fame.

      2. The loot on the HG x2 is way worse than used to be, srsly, is ridiculous, way way low than on CDG's also.
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      There is no more drop of artifacts that used to drop on the old HG, i used to get a good amount of valuable artifacts that on the end of the day tend to give me a good amount of silver. Artifacts Itens are really overpriced right now also, you guys should also check that.

      3. The builds that people use are really garbage, you barely can make money on the sets, all on T4.2 T6 gear, is really boring compared on the old days and you easily would flex a T8.1 making the Big Fights a REAL THING and REAL EXCITING, with proper combat that takes longer than 30 seconds.

      4. The Ranking that should be a good thing turn out only TOP 5 doing nonstop PVE, and the rest of people ALSO having to do some PVE with random fights with REALLY LOW INFAMY DROP, and i really dont understand it, i have done some non lethal just to see and people there drops like a SHIT TON MORE INFAMY than lethals, is really weird. By this, the fight for the rank is ALSO useless and only a big fat PVE SPAM.

      5. YOU GUYS DOSNT GIVE ANY HOPE FOR HG PLAYERS! All the nerfs and buffs looks EXTREMELY RETARD, sorry for being this rude, but really looks like that or you guys DONT CARE TO COMBAT x2 at HG, or you guys DONT UNDERSTAND ABOUT COMBAT x2. All the recent patchs since you announced balances to HG x2 and X5 looked very weird, and the recent NDA notes also.

      And what can you guys do about it?

      1. Ask about HG x2 combat necessary nerf to CONSISTENT HG x2 PLAYERS. Please, don't listen to just one side of the player base, the ones who are closer to you, ask for players that have done it for a long time, consistently (even if they have dropped the content like a big part of this content player base). The combat change with every different content, ZVZ players can only tell you what balances ZVZ's need, but cant tell you what x2 combats need.

      2. Hire people to TEST IT, please, look at it and understand what happens, there a plenty of stream also, you could learn a lot about necessary combat balances just looking at players playing it.

      3. Make the content rewarding, to make people interested again on it

      4. Interact with the Feedback Session on forum expose what you guys are looking at currently, what are a concern, be transparent about it, at least show if our feedback are being listened or are of any value.

      5. Diversify the meta! Don't make it turns on only DPS comps! You guys nerfed the Heal on HG's because there is so many healers but there are more DPS's than healers on HG's overall, because even with a healer there is a DPS'. You guys want turn one of the most fun content for healers do about PVP ( i mean, is fear and there is no a GANGBANG on you, just you and another DPS) into a nightmare of DPS's exploding them with less armor than ever with 10% heal debuff. I want more healers, stop nerfing the shit out of natures, them used to be viable, now is garbage. Make more holys usefull, not only Lifetouch and Hallowfall (specially on HG x5, there is only space for Hallowfalls, anything else is trash). On X2 is space only for Lifetouch for a long time. Make Natures great again.
    • I agree with the most things.

      But I do not agree with your solution for the matchmaking.
      I think there must be some kind of alignment between players strength.
      Some good players used to win almost every match in hellgate, since there weren't much balance. It feels good win but not lose.
      Maybe the hellgate is harder for those good players, and they don't feel so much comfortable as before. But overall, for the majority players, it is good to have a balance between win and lose, or the hellgate will be only for few people enjoy, or the majority people will not get engaged to have such bad win rate.

      About dagger pair, you are correct, it is kind of one turn to kill.