This patch did nothing

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    • This patch did nothing

      So what exactly did you improve with faction points in this patch? It's actually worse then it was before. Getting 1 faction point per kill when I was getting like 16 + before. I get that screwed up with the PvE points but you nerfed everything so badly it's not even worth doing anymore.

      You think anyone is going to want to do dungeons faction flagged when you get like 5 FP / kill? please.... You increased the amount of ranks, the amount of rep required but you nerfed FP gain into the ground and also nerfed the daily too?

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    • I was getting like 16+ faction points per kill and now i get 1 - 2 points and you're going to tell me that it isn't a nerf? PPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE I also checked T6 group dungeons you get like 30 FP max which is utter garbage. The patch was supposed to address the crappy FP but it just made it even worse.
    • seems like you were not aware that before today's patch, pve was giving close to triple/quadruple of what was possible in the same amount of time doing faction fights point wise and ranking wise. it did need a nerf so they adjusted accordingly. 16 points for a full kill that you did solo means he was in flat 4. Solo killed a full 8.3 guy like 2 days ago and he was dropping 200-300 points. So if this is reduced to 100 or 50, won't change much tbf. Depends how much they benefitted the capture of outpost compared to getting kills.
      The biggest issue was people playing support to leech points instead of being an helpful member (flat 4 nature no spec is harming more than helping in zerg fights due to healing debuff from healing from multiple sources)
    • I was well aware I tested it unlike most of you here. I even said in the thread that it was way too high yet they pushed it out anyways and nerfed the crap out of things afterwards making it even worse then before. Doesn't help the fact that they aren't going to roll back the server after they totally screwed everything up which basically means those that played this morning will have a huge advantage over others with faction warfare. I get nerfing the T5 group dungeons but even T6 dungeons you get basically nothing for FP. Doesn't make sense cause you can get dove doing those so the FP per kill should be higher then 30.

      screw up everything by over buffing things, then nerfing things into the ground afterwards. Good luck I think this maybe the final nail in the coffin for a lot of folks and myself included.

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    • Sadaleus wrote:

      Now, after hotfix, you get even less faction points than before. Something is now wrong on the other side of the spectrum either in pve or pvp it is grind fest.
      Exactly my point, they made everything WORSE when this was supposed to be the patch that fixed things. They hyped up the faction patch saying you get FP for kills then they nerfed this into the ground a week later. So now ppl aren't even going to want to fight they just are going to play capping wars... 300 FP / kill in a T5 group dungeon is absurd which is why I posted feedback on test server (which obviously fell on deaf ears). However, nerfing it by 10x is also really stupid, it should be like 100-150 FP instead, nerf it by 50% not 100%!!! Even 50 FP in a yellow zone is better then 20-30 like wtf?

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    • w00style wrote:

      75 Years Later...
      Exactly G freakin G, Ya let's hype up a patch telling everyone you'll get Faction Points for kills and knock outs now but they nerf the point gains by 100% 8 days later....yep that's really good game designing.... The least they can do is roll back the server for today so that everyone including myself who gained too many points will get reset because that's BS for anyone who didn't log on this reset. For those idiots out there that say boo hoo you can't exploit anymore, I'm going to say 99% of those ppl who played today didn't even realize it was an exploit so that argument is no better then my morning dump after a night of binging on Mexican food.

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