Multiple Tooltip, PVE and Combat Feedback

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    • Multiple Tooltip, PVE and Combat Feedback

      Here's a list of multiple inconsistencies on combat tooltips, mob mechanics and other related mechanics:

      Uninterruptable Casts
      There's no mention of this on any weapon tooltips, such as morning star, polevault or grovekeeper. Animation for the cast bar is consistent however.

      Incubus Mace E is uninterruptable
      You simply cannot stop it from casting, and even though it looks and feels like a cast, it's mostly a massive stand time and you cant cancel even if you wanted to.

      New Quarterstaff E, Polevault
      The new E is an iframe and also an uninterruptable cast, but there's no way of knowing this through the tooltip.

      Fiber Titan / Guardian Silence / Dots
      Fiber boss has been one of the most frustrating bosses for new players because mechanics are simply "stand on the right spot or wipe". But the bit that annoys me the most is that it puts a DoT on the tank, but it can't be guardian helmed, it however can be cleansed, and the Silence from the boss cannot be cleansed OR guardian helmed, so if you get hit by thorns you're done. This obviously does not go in-depth on how this boss has the worst design compared to everything else in albion.

      CC vs Bosses
      Some bosses can be fully CCd, some can't be at all, and some can be CCd but have massive CC resistance.

      Iframes vs Avalonian Mobs
      Any iframe vs most avalonian mobs is useless, you cannot stop the Monks from cartwheeling you out of it, you cannot knight helm it either.

      Cleanse vs Mob CC
      Some CC abilities cannot be cleansed, one example is the insanely long duration slow cast by undead frost mages.

      Aggro Range
      Some mobs just have the longest aggro range, 2 examples are guards (especially annoying with Faction Warfare) and bats summoned by morgana mobs.
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