Easter Egg Weapons Akimbo!

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    • Mytherceria wrote:

      Hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend filled with chocolates and sweets!

      Meanwhile, a bunch of SBI staff and forum moderators were busy, with brows furrowed, deliberating over the the entries, which were nothing less than impressive :D

      We're proud to present our winner @Darkylian who created a dark retelling of an Easter Egg surprise!

      Darkylian wrote:


      Rabid Scythe

      In the lands of Albion, only tales and legends unfold the event of this strange story.

      A lucky few managed to survive after meeting this creature and divulge the myth about it.
      The were-rabbit leaves destruction and dismay behind it.
      Only a group of fearless men succeeded to eradicate this scourge and bring back tranquillity.

      In the following years, the foolish leader of those brave men decided to strut among all the Royal Continent using the head of the slain creature as a base to forge a weapon.
      In a relatively short time, people started once more to talk about the vicious creature who was bringing destruction to the lands of Albion, especially during Easter time.

      As first runner-up, we have @'deceius', with a beautiful drawing and story in the ancient Druidic tradition!

      deceius wrote:

      Easter Spring Staff

      The Keeper Druids are observant of these invaders who arrived years ago in Albion.
      What fascinated them most is the way these foreign healers can Reawaken their fallen,
      and instantly heal the wounded with a flash of light. Just like their purpose, which is
      to revitalize their homeland scarred by continuous conflict.

      One day, a druid noticed a trashed Divine Staff, and took it to their Hidden Caverns to fix it.
      With his nature affinity and the extensive knowledge on the Keeper's way on healing, he did his best to bring back
      the Staff's healing ability, hoping that it would help his brother and sisters in battle.

      The broken handle was replaced by an ashenbark branch, and kept together by Spiritual Seed.
      And as a final touch, he added a decorated egg, which in an ancient tradition, symbolizes new life and rebirth,
      just like how the lands recover from a white harsh winter to a lush green spring.

      Our second runner-up goes to @MeetAllTheStars for the funny and whacky broken weapon we'd love to use for no reason!

      MeetAllTheStars wrote:

      Greetings, as we know before going brr with the golden crystal, the avalonians liked to experiment. Somehow they made this thing, pretend to be a singing bird but the chicken concept crossed the street.

      Then when triggered, it enters in sorta self noisy self destruct protocol, but no. Then lands tiny animals -similar as heretics´machine-, also generates a non fame willow whisps that makes a cute tiny sound -the avalonians are SO INTO MUSIC- and why not? a light beam that does NOTHING.

      cheers to everyone!
      We also have a couple of Honorable Mentions who will receive 10 days of Premium Status each!

      Congratulations to all the winners and thank you everyone for taking part in this contest!

      Please send me a direct message via the forum containing the name of your character to receive your reward.
      It has been a pleasure to participate in this contest.
      Good work to all fellows designer/artist.

      @Mytherceria Thank you very much for the good news!