Is the March 17 patch a massive failure?

    • Is the March 17 patch a massive failure?

      Do you guys think the latest patch is a massive failure?

      Do you guys think they tested it before implementing it?

      Do you guys think they thought and planned it well?

      Do you actually believe the server is full making the free players wait in a long line to login?
    • I wouldn't say it's a failure. I believe some tweaking and bug fixes need to be implemented but that's to be expected after a new update and the devs are already aware of the problems and working hard to fix them. I honestly love faction warfare and I'm personally happy with the additions that have been made. Many other players I know are enjoying the content as well. The only thing that's kind of frustrating right now is grinding faction warfare for hours and barely putting a dent in the daily rewards or weekly rewards. I've captured tons of outposts and made a large amount of kills and I haven't gotten a daily bonus once so far. However, I am a premium member and the devs have already stated that premium members are not having all their points registering. Once they fix this problem I can see myself really enjoying faction warfare. I'm also willing to admit that on top of the stated problem that I may not be doing something right on my end in regards to faction warfare. I have no opinion on hellgates yet as I haven't tried the new update. Just give it time and everything will get ironed out just like previous updates which also had their problems on launch.
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