Top 10 2v2 is broken

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    • Top 10 2v2 is broken

      We reached top 10 2v2 yesterday. After we got our rank, it seemed like we weren't getting matched with anyone anymore, straight up an hour without a fight, so we switched over to alts.
      The problem is that if you dont get matched up with anyone, you clear the whole dungeon to get more infamy, which decreases the chance of losing infamy and so finding players.

      At the top 2v2 its literally a pve grindfest and the more pve we do the worse the matchmaking also gets...Today we're gonna try and queue on EU prime time to see if we can match with anyone, if not we will start playing on alts again to get fights :(...

      This probably needs to be fixed, we dont want to get rank 1 by doing 30 dungeons in a row without a chance of losing any infamy, but someone else might do that, meaning the top ranks are pretty scuffed right now.

      Also if you do get matched you play the same team over and over.

      suggestion :

      I dont see a issue increasing the matching range, like top 10 players should be able to get matched with atleast top 500 in my opinion. Right now you only get matched with top 20.


      edit : <-------fame farmers its already happening

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    • Gee, who would have thought that reducing loot and removing fame would reduce player numbers. And smurfing is killing ppl numbers even faster, so yeah gl with finding opponents. I know at least 10 ppl who played old hellgates, but not playing anymore for various reasons. In short - new gates sux.