Respawn of Martlock guards

    • Respawn of Martlock guards

      Playing more defensively today i realize that the Martlock guards take ages to respawn (30+minutes some times). When trying to do recaps over Bridgewatch forts their guards and boss respawn a lot faster.

      What afects the respawn of guards?
      If a enemy mounted on a bear keeps going in and out will that restart the timer for guards?
      Why cant the boss and guards respawn instantly when the fort is capped by the team?
    • 1 - Martlock captures fort, leaves and go to the next fort before guards respawn
      2 - Enemy captures fort back
      3 - Martlock captures de fort back, enemy comes back and passes by. The fort is now a Martlock fort in defensive mode (swords icon)
      4 - Enemy dont come back but the defensive mode dont end. The guards don't respawn for a long time (counted 20 minutes+) and the music gets jamed betwen the calm music and the battle music.

      If we capture a fort and protect it the respawn of the boss is fast, but if it gets into defensive mode the respawn gets jamed. Its like theres something trigering the defensive mode again and again. The music going from calm to battle gives me the impression too.

      Many times the forts are still without npcs when the cluster gets captured. My faction moves to the next map and the enemy just grab the forts back without having to fight the boss.