Macro in Fac ZvZ?

    • This problem exist long time but devs dont do anything with this.
      This is stupid rat problems + macro looting.

      In faction warfare you cant do nothing with this. Some shitter with T4 set will be join to faction blob and try loot what is possible. If he die he risk only shit T4 but if he survive he can steel some profit.

      Loot should be lock for 30s-2 min for 2 partys
      1) above 50% dmg
      2) who make kill

      somebody from this 2 partys should have possibility take loots by this time
    • Need made loot for party killed player and PK.. + Carleon fraction ( its too FFA) loters use PK = dead... loters use caerlon fracTION = dead oder wait 2 min and pick items its fayrl play he he and LOOTERS END = DONT NEED MADE ANTI LOTERS MACRO DEVS HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I COMPLETE YOU PROBLEM HA HA HA
    • Yea look this idiots.

      "Do you want fix rat problem? kill them."

      Ofcurse so if you have rat in your faction group you should
      1) deflag
      2) flag as hostile
      3) attack all faction group for kill this 1-2 rat morons.

      Some people are dump like hell and they have head only for cover body from rain.
    • I was thinking about a solution for ZvZs Fac.

      I thought something. The game could calculate, in %, how the players is contributing to the fight (Based on Damage, Heal, Support, IP from Itens and others), this calculation of course will not be perfect but it will be much better than it is now for sure.

      Lets say 4 player killed one guy with the follow contribution:
      Player 1 contribution: 50%
      Player 2 contribution: 25%
      Player 3 contribution: 20%
      Player 4 contribution: 5%

      So, the game could give automatically each item from the dead body to players, but with the chance of the contribution.

      Example: For the weapon, Player 1 will have a chance to get automatically 50%, Player 2 will have 25%, Player 3 have 20% and Player 4 only 5%.
      And the game will reroll for every single item on dead body, like armor, helmet, boots, mounts and others.

      There will be a window warning the loot, and it will give a choice to you accept or reject that loot.

      This will avoid people going withT4 only for loot, people who uses macro, people looting during fight and people that lose opportunity to loot because they have huge ping by his region.

      And it will reward and incentive to people to contribute more for the victory and go stronger!

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    • tradecraft wrote:

      Or if u are a healer or support u will get nothing just because he dont focus on damage?
      That's not as simple to design, but possible. Do you really think legit healers have time to loot now though? They're trying to keep everyone in the party alive and are in backline.
      If a different loot system is implemented, non rat healers would definitely make more out of it.