5v5 hg (-_-)

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    • 5v5 hg (-_-)

      Hate the new HG. Travel distance sucks.
      Fame got nerf its the only content I do so now I cant fame farm and way more pve once there are less people in HG pve is gonna be a pain.
      Sad life. Probably going to quit maybe. Maps huge now w/ non lethal made it like arena's. -_-
      Its nice having continuous HG but no risk for non-lethal i think old system where you lose your stuff but you specs matter.

      now specs dont even matter. Who said this was good? 10 v 10 is fun but everything else sucks now.
    • Can relate

      The sad reality of high tear gear

      Corrupteds are the only place where you get fame and the IP actually matters. The new hellgate system completely disincentivizes people to wear expensive gear which is sad. The siphoned overcharge gives you only 20-30 IP which is funny and sad at the same time. In 2s you see people wearing 5.1 gear while in 5v5 its 6.1 and the team that is in full 8.3 will be hard capped. There is no risk and reward anymore. I think dividing 5v5 into different levels like Stalker, Slayer would be a great idea so that newly introduced players can play with opponents of their level while veterans could enjoy hardcore full loot 8.3 battles with other experienced players for higher rewards with higher infamy as well. I think that would be a great addition that would benefit the health of the game and satisfy both parts.

      Travel distance (No point)

      I can't see a single reason for making Hellgates work like that. It's literally a useless waste of time that only BORES people and STRESSES them out. Make it simpler and faster so that you are not taking fun from the player base. Give it to them straight, can't see where is the reason not to do it.


      In the past fame from 5v5 really was greater but I don't see it as a big problem cause we have Corrupteds which give you the best fame in the game. No complaints on that part.