Now hellgate is failure patch. Developers must read me

    • Now hellgate is failure patch. Developers must read me

      I am ssimat of hellgator guild master... we go only hellgate and PVP contents.
      We don't go PVE contents. Lastday Hellgate fame is same 8T party dungeon. I was able to grow while having fun. but now... hellgate was failure contents... only change to experinced user's contents. Our guild members are favorite hellgate with 100% real team(yellow&red). We never did rat :<.. becasue We are hellgator! We have pride of hellgate.

      We are guild of the most played hellgate in albion-online.
      Our guild is most important of hellgate.
      All using Hellgate users that played everyone know our guild "HELLGATOR"

      We are so strong. 60(HELLGATOR+DOKB) vs 400(poe+squard+Arch+IAAA) We Overwhelmingly win 2021-03-13!! But We are not big guild. We are small elite soldiers.
      Our PVP newbie are so sad this patch. Is it Albion-online sandbox game? Albion users can do everything!! Only hellgator play only hellgate.. that is free!!
      plz help....

      We want OrangeHellgate... We want PVP newbie's eye level...
      Corrupted dungeon have (hunter / stoker / slayer)
      Why hellgate only Yellow and Red??!!!!
      Middle step is empty!! It is big issue because Yellow is so eazy and Red is so hard(Crystal 4~5level team is standard level in Red hellgate)
      Why is there no middle level?!?!?!?
      We want only PVP user's fame contents.... Corrupted dungeon's fames reducing patch is fair.

      so sad so angry.. Why are you only think of experinced Artifact's eye level? Test-server's Pre-tester are all experinced Artifact's eye level. NOT Albion beginner's eye level