Thinking of Leaving Caerleon - Been there since release

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    • Thinking of Leaving Caerleon - Been there since release

      I have had my island in and operated out of Caerleon since release. But witht he current changes I am thinking about moving to Lymhurst or FS. I don't see how the city is viable in this current release. The risk of transporting to/from Cae has been increased by 2x to 6x. Not to mention it now takes quite a bit of time. There has been no increased reward for this increased risk etiher. I mean maybe black market goods will have less sellers and you can get better prices? Maybe trade goods will be more valuable? I am not seeing it though and I question the value of continueing to operate out of Caerleon.
    • I'm right there with you.

      Bridgewatch would be my best choice cause i have a lot of plate spec and plate craft but I'm not a fan of desert biome.

      Truth is the populations ive been seeing. I wish they would just add more mini cities or towns or something. Or get people spread out with static player housing.
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