10v10 Best Content in the game but is the Price Tag Worth it?

    • 10v10 Best Content in the game but is the Price Tag Worth it?

      idk if you guys know but the 10v10 HG right now are completely busted cuz u need 8.1 items to go in a full set right now is about 2-3m per player and when u die people just dont want to come back + you have groups like Derrick and the polish team just dunking every1 so people just dont want to do them no more cuz of the fact that u need a base Itemlvl of 1200 thats insane Hight atm just think about it if u die 10 times ur down about 30m lol thats crazy, look into this cuz the content IS AMAZING but the Item LvL to go in is just high. every1 is crying cuz they want to do them but they just cant afford to lose so much money. Teams are going 1h with out getting fights just cuz of the price tag
      MrFlako Money Mayweather
    • I agree and disagree same time

      For us veterans with unlimited money as gold..it is getting more rich

      But the things that was the issue is the past have not been fixed

      IP cap but .3 food and 8.1 poison
      Purity robes ..

      Nobody of the newer people can stand that..

      The imbalance of purity robes and other things...make it a nightmare for the people that joint 6 months ago and are no power players
    • I don't really understand the logic of the gear minimum either. If people want to fight with crap gear, why not let them?

      I think the bigger issue is whether to scale gear or not and how much. You could equalize it so that everybody fought with more or less equal gear, then it would just a pure contest of skill.

      As it is, you have to pay to play, which, as you say means a lot of people are not going to play because they would lose millions.

      So, basically HGs are going to be more for a small number of experts.