Very confused by new faction point system?

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    • Very confused by new faction point system?

      It seemed like it would be a very easy switch, but I am super confused.

      I have gained a total of 2,304 points to use in the faction shop (buy crests etc), but I have only progressed by 950 on the daily rewards and by 768 on the faction rank progression.

      How are these points calculated? And more importantly, why did I only gain ~150 daily points after helping to capture 5 outposts?
    • What I've seen in other discussions is that red zones and the bandit event are far more rewarding with points. Zone takeovers are also where a lot of the points come from. So, just snagging outposts without being able to fully commit to a takeover isn't very rewarding.

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    • Tomperon wrote:

      I think the ammount of Farm to get the chests is too high... Also i dont think It worth the time, i bought the First chest for 9k points... The chest gave me 20k silver in itens.
      Agreed. The point gains are really negligible, and the play style is to simply run from one post to another in a massive zerg, with a handful of folks getting to kill the few luckless reds that didn't evacuate in time. About the only improvement I can see is that you can flag up to farm in YZs and RZs near your city more safely, as many of the gankers are themselves flagged for your town.
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