5v5 is a joke

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    • 5v5 is a joke

      Since the beginning of the update me and my friends tried to do some 5v5 lethal gates. 70% of our time was wasted on spamming the map that was not opening. Even once you open you have to travel huge distances in order to get to the 5v5.

      Why can't we straightout get to fun content? Why do we have to wait in the city for 20 minutes so that party member can finally get to open the HG map. Why do we have to spend time on the travel distance?? Why can't we just get to 5v5 straight? Previous gates were 100 times better even though you could have been ratted it was still faster and at least you knew where the HG map is. Didn't need to wait in a huge queue for the maps and then travel for no reason wasting time that could have been spent in the gate. There would be more contact as well if we could do gates more conveniently without all of this BS.

      Just make it as a crystal pop in the city or HCE portal to gates so that we would spend more time having fun and not wasting 2/3 portion of our time on meaningless map spam and travelling.