BLOODLETTER controls broken after update :((((

    • BLOODLETTER controls broken after update :((((

      Maybe all dash skills are broken on mobile cuz they dont follow joystick .They work fine with TAP controls. Before the update when i used virtual controller while i use Bloodletter and using Deadly Swipe or Dash skills my character went in direction i was holding the joystick button. But now dash skill and swipe wont do it so Bloodletter is actually useless now. And using TAP controls for PVP/PVE is almost impossible for me :( PLEASE REVERT the changes you made to controls on mobile devices.
    • Yes i mean joystick you hold on your mobile screen. When you dash on mobile i hope it suppose to follow the direction of your joystick. When dash i usually just press the skill button for dash but it seems it wont follow direction of my joystick movement :( Before update i didnt experience this problem.