Mobile Auto target and Quick spell Mechanics errors

    • Mobile Auto target and Quick spell Mechanics errors


      Right now the game has improved a lot visually for mobile gaming.

      1st. However the auto targetting mechanic has been reworked and the character will auto target the closest enemy EVEN if you're already targetting another enemy.

      This situation is even worse for Corrupted Dungeons, where you and the enemy player will walk around a lot of mobs while hitting each other.

      2nd. Quick spell (single clicking the skill in the wheel) now takes a whole delay to spell, you need to spam the button to achieve a faster "spell-release" speed, however, if you're a healer or support the skill will target yourself rather than your teammate.
    • wavestone wrote:

      Also, when i fish and press dynamic button it targets nearest mob instead of fishing, it's really annoying, before update i could fish without any problems but now...
      This is the absolute worst, and doesn't seem possible to avoid it. While I am fishing the game will randomly decide to target nearby mobs, even mobs which are behind me, halfway across the screen. I say randomly because it doesn't always happen, but there's a chance. At first I thought I might be accidentally brushing the target button but it happens even when I'm being very careful not to do that.

      Edit: Also the recent fix did NOT fix this problem with fishing, just made it harder to autoswitch target when fighting. Before (the version people hated) it would target the closest mob I was facing, now sometimes it will auto target a mob across the room and send me running into aoes to get it...

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    • Hey there,

      Just a quick note that we made some changes to the targeting system for the autoattack button. The default version has been reverted to how it was like before the Call to Arms update:

      Mytherceria wrote:

      Another update that we have a bunch of fixes in as well in Patch 2 today.

      For example, mobile players now have a settings option, where they can toggle on/off the target locking for the autoattack button. More notes on this below:
      • By default, target locking is always enabled (and the setting is turned off). This is the original version which existed before the Call to Arms update.
      • If you wish to disable target locking, head over to the setting option and turn it on.
        • Currently there's a visual error where the settings option only displays the loca tag, but this is purely visual, so you can still turn on the setting if you wish. This will be resolved in an upcoming patch.
      • Note that the Manual/Drag target locking will always lock the target though.

      - Mytherceria