Arena rewards

    • Small-scale/Solo PvP

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    • Arena rewards

      Please after draining daily 3 arenas, subsequent wins should give at least 1 bag of 10k silver.

      Best content in-game for some players, plz is not asking much, wont spoil economy since no sigils will be given, will barely give profit due gear repair afterwards, but still will give arena lovers a chance to keep queueing instead of just stop playing the game for the day.

      Thx for reading <3
    • Actually all i suggested was a bag of 10k silver per win after dailies.

      So 5 wins = 50k minus gear repair (in my case 7kish per try) u can even lose money trying.

      It's just for the sake of arena being doable after 3 wins instead of a complete waste of time/money.

      Just like expeditions are, u can keep making them eternally and earning silver/fame after daily bonus, but PVE it self is limited and predictable unlike PVP that is way more fun.

      I dont know why they didnt do it already, the game seems to be all about gambling, this would only be a small scale one, if u lose arena u lose money if u win u earn a lil bit more than your repair gear, imo should be equivalent to expeditions.

      Anyway seems I'm alone on this one, either that or arena enthusiasts do not use this forum.


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    • +100500
      Unlimited arena rewards.
      Double reward for healers.
      Add arena-like massive battle grounds.
      And.. PvE fame for scoring, instead of tomes at the end to make loosing team to more often resist till the end, and don't give up.
      WTB skill

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    • I have over a 1000 Arenas played so I can call myself someone who knows what Arena is about. The only change I would like them to make to the Arena is to CLEARLY show to players that you can get 6 daily rewards.
      3 while playing solo or with another player or 2.
      3 while playing as full 5 man team.

      That is it.

      Arena is a care free PvP place where you can practice builds and also use high end gear. It is IP capped but it still allows you to use the best gear you own. 1% durability loss promotes using your best items and it actually requires nothing at all to participate (other then minimum IP).

      I would not buff Arena rewards at all.
    • Arena rewards for covering repair cost will be good, but I will suggest just to remove the need to repair when you do arena.

      The main issue with arena is the broken Solo Q : most of the time solo players are forced to match with or against premade guys who ruin the game.

      Arena also lack of maps : hope for more different maps that could lead to different strategy.
    • For me as hardcode ZvZ players,
      Legendary founder, playing every day since beta 2 till current beta 11,

      achieved full economy formation,
      having 10 years premium (as form of developers support before ftp and skins was added),

      achieved top 1 rank twice,

      having 2.74 KDR over 338M PvP fame,

      never used a single learning point (as main LP introduction oppositionist, since it was promoting alts to be competitive on release),

      and top 2 forum flooder after @Stormlord :) ?

      Arena is the best content in the game.

      Because i DO realize this:

      Players have to
      Fame farm.
      Farm money.
      Buy gear.
      Get together.
      For to be able.
      Their buttons FEW TIMES if they have ton of experience.
      Or die from one engage, if they have no.
      Or EVEN have no content at all...

      Arenas is the best content because it is any-time-on-demand-solo-queue-no-preparation-maximum-intensive-PvP-action.

      PS. Please add arena-like battlegrounds.
      WTB skill

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    • From game profit perspective.
      Dear SBI, go and just make a database query :
      "How many PREMIUM player-hours are used every day into arena play".
      Then multiply those hours by hour premium cost.

      From game economy perspective.
      Imagine those player hours to be used for average wealth emission.
      Am i clearly explaining?
      WTB skill

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    • I'm promoting every arena topic since arena implementation suggestion.
      You never answer.

      If i'm wrong - prove me wrong, and i will chill out.
      If it's against game "DNA" - white it, and i will move out.
      The only logic comes into mind - you agree.
      But keeping those features as a black day game saving move!?!
      In my talking with the hand sick imagination...
      WTB skill

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    • @gmatagmis Well Promoting Arena play style is not wrong per say.... its just how to say this Arena playstyle in this game is kina boring there are many other games with much better arena experience because of the number of skills and abilities.

      in this game with such simple mechanics Full loot aspect of the game is what stands out from the rest of arena games
      The Tank Who Bonks
    • The_Support_God wrote:

      games with much better arena experience because of the number of skills and abilities
      But i don't want to play other games.
      I know, more then a half of top ZvZ guild players are playing another games between CTAs.
      I love Albion, and i wan to improve my skills here.
      And i'm doing maximum to achieve it.
      ATM i'm an approved member of one of the best ZvZ premade raids.
      Attending every ZvZ i can.
      Doing vod reviews, making notes.
      Writing and mastering own gameplay scripts.
      Preparing for every fight.
      Squeezing every drop from few minutes, i've paid hours of preparation.
      And this is like nothing, which can became "something" only after months, years?

      And you know what is a real disaster?
      A players who are years behind me in experience...
      My eyes are bleeding when i'm looking over their actions...
      And there no way to catch up.

      The_Support_God wrote:

      Full loot aspect
      As for loot...
      I never loot. Never ask for regears. And have hundreds of my sets in stock.
      At some level, those who are ever thinking about loot, became just a loot...
      WTB skill

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    • Yes please arena best content in-game, I usually log play 3 dailies with my gfs and leave, we could be spending HOURS of quality FUN instead of playing ride simulator in order do reach a map then find a dungeon then fight NOT FUN PVE.

      Please make arena a full time content, lots of players would love it imo.

      I would rather play albion arena all day instead of going to ESO where I actually get something for doing arenas, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES.

      But my gfs can only play mobile so, I wish I could be at albion with them, not soloing filthy ESO.

      @gmatagmis thx for speaking your mind and making me not look like just another filthy casual.

      Please more love to arena! <3

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