Arena rewards

    • Small-scale/Solo PvP
    • ViniciusSanctus wrote:

      Please after draining daily 3 arenas, subsequent wins should give at least 1 bag of 10k silver.

      Best content in-game for some players, plz is not asking much, wont spoil economy since no sigils will be given, will barely give profit due gear repair afterwards, but still will give arena lovers a chance to keep queueing instead of just stop playing the game for the day.

      Thx for reading <3
      Cool idea and it should be a modest reward as we dont want it just farmed
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    • Whilst I understand that some might feel like building out the Arenas might detract from the open world, I personally would like to see Arenas massively expanded and developed.

      - 6 new "standard" arena maps with a similar layout to the current arena, themed around each of the Royal cities. These would be random and would add visual interest so that players wouldn't be stuck with the same map every time they play. Referred to as "Royal Arenas"

      - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, and 10v10 options for both group and solo queues. Custom "rooms" could also be created by players and the map could be chosen from the 6 aforementioned "Royal Arenas". Spectators could be enabled with a delay and IP requirements and winning conditions set by those who set up the "room". Wagers could be set by teams similar to Duels.

      Pitched Battles -
      An announcement would sound (similar to Bandit) on a timer (or randomly) calling for players to sign up (in person) for 50v50 or 100v100 (maybe even more) instanced Pitched battles.

      Mini-games - A selection of mini-games for both group and solo. Chariot Races, Jousts, Onslaught Survival Challenges, Puzzles etc. Go to town! and it would allow for new, creative content to be added on a more regular basis.

      You could also have Faction Flagged content with a fully ranked solo "Gladitorial Deathmatch" system.

      I'd also remove Royal Sigils and Silver as rewards and build out the Arena Sigil token system to include T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 Arena Sigils which could be exchanged for a new range of Vanity items, Mounts, Skins, Trophies, Furniture and Island Objects which could be unlocked by doing various Arena Content and not bought with Silver.

      So much potential... One can dream.
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    • So people can do non lethal 5v5 Hellgate and be rewarded but not 5v5 arena players ?
      Is arena supposed to disapear soon ? If not I don't see why you want not to reward those people who play.

      It's a PvP game but people doing arena get 0 reward outside the smal one from 3 first victory and even have to paid repair cost.
      Hellgate players got at least fame and chest full of loot when they win ... what is the logic ?