Weapon Trees Comparison - Viability

    • Weapon Trees Comparison - Viability

      It may be a dumb question, but i would like some veteran opinion on what weapon tree a beginner should/could max out first to be able to participate in most/all content and be viable. (For ex. zvz/gank/hg/ava etc etc)
      A second tree to fill up the spots that the main one will lack, would also be really useful!
      I think this could save much time from new players trying to fame up specific weapons, only to realize they are only good in a very linear playstyle.
      I had made a similar post in the past asking about specific weapons but by playing more i think it is clear that you should not focus on the weapon but the tree. :)
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    • There are some weapons that fit your request... i would suggest:

      Tank: Hammers

      Gank: Great Hammer
      ZvZ: Grovekeeper
      HG: Grovekeeper/Tombhammer
      AVA: Hammer
      Corrupted: Tombhammer

      Meele Bruiser: Spears

      Gank: Spear/Glaive/Pyke
      ZvZ: Trinity/Spirithunter
      HG: Pyke/Glaive
      AVA: Trinity
      Corrupted: Spear/Heron/Pyke/Glaive

      Mage: Frost

      Gank: Frost
      ZvZ: PermaFrost / Icicle
      HG: Permafrost / Avalonian / Frost
      AVA: Any
      Corrupted: Avalonian / Frost

      Healer: Holy

      Gank: Hallowfall
      ZvZ: Fallen / Hallowfall
      HG: Redemption / Hallowfall
      AVA: Holy / Fallen
      Corrupted: Hallowfall
      (yes, Hallowfall is busted)

      as a solo player... if you want the fastest possible SOLO DUNGEON build you would want to run:
      Specter Jacket
      Cultist Cowl
      Any boots (or any shoes with cooldown reduction sprint - AKA all leather ones)
      Thetford Cape
      T4 poisons
      Cabbage Soup (to recover the life you sacrifice in the Specter Jacket ASAP as possible between each camp)

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    • My suggestion is:

      Tank: Maces

      PvE: Incubus, 1h Mace
      ZvZ: Camlann, 1h mace, oathkeepers
      5vs5: Heavy Mace, 1h mace
      HG: 1h mace
      Corrupted: 1h mace
      HCE: 1h Mace
      Yes, 1h mace is very versatile.

      DPS: Crossbow
      PvE: Light Crossbow, Boltcasters, Weeping Repeater
      ZvZ: Energy Shaper, SiegeBow
      5vs5: Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow
      HG: Light Crossbow
      Corrupted: Light Crossbow, Boltcasters
      HCE: Light Crossbow.

      Healer: Holy
      Every Activity in the game: Hallowfall.
      Also Fallen on ZvZ.
    • Daggers are kinda... a bag of surprises. They don't fit nicely in most PvE content, so leveling them up is a pain. Also, they are usually not viable in 5vs5, and have issues in ZvZ because they need to play with very expensive gear to bring enough value. They are good for ganking, but not as incredible as frost staff, and ava claws are obsene in ZvZ rn, that's correct.