Pinned [NEW] Feedback Labels - please read!

    • [NEW] Feedback Labels - please read!

      Hi everyone,

      With the launch of the Call to Arms content update, we're implementing new Feedback Labels for you to categorize your feedback better! This will also help our devs to see at first glance what your post is about and gather feedback more efficiently.

      When creating your post in the Feedback & Suggestions and Testserver Feedback , you will have the option to click on the Feedback category and select the most appropriate Feedback Label:
      • Faction Warfare
      • Hellgates
      • User Interface (note: this includes Loadouts!)
      • ZvZ
      • Small-scale/Solo PvP
      • PvE
      • Combat Balance
      • Economy
      • Corrupted Dungeons
      • 5v5 Crystal League
      • 20v20 Crystal League
      • Vanity
      • Roads of Avalon

      We're looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions!

      - Mytherceria & Dev Team

    • only if the feedback we give actually do matter. We have been discussing 5v5 Crystal and hg 5s for some time. @Equart proposed auto queuing for lethal 5v5 content with brackets of infamy or tokens and I proposed mentorship system. While both suggestions were meant to popularize the 5v5 content, they were met with total indiferene from the development team. How do you expect us to keep our hype alive if you don't enen give us a false sense of caring