Can we please not have to suicide?

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    • Can we please not have to suicide?

      One of the more crazy things in AO is the need to suicide. So, for example, let's say you are in the bank and you want to go to the hideout. You take off all your equipment and store it in the bank. There are now two main ways to get to the hideout in less than a minute. One is that you can zone out of the bank, run to the teleport guy who is mobbed by 50 other players, try to click on him and then select the hideout. Alternatively, you can give the /suicide command. Since option number 2 is usually faster, people commit suicide all the time, which is ridiculous. It's a silly mechanic that people kill themselves constantly. I realize that this is a purely cosmetic issue, but nevertheless I see no reason why there should not be a reasonable cosmetic.

      Another issue with creating a suicide incentive is that it is not entirely cosmetic. If you forget something is still in your inventory (because it is scrolled down for example), then it can get trashed accidentally when you suicide.

      In WOW they have instead the idea of the "hearthstone". However, whatever it is, obviously there should be a teleport option that does not require a person to kill themself.

      Note however that in EVE Online about 10 years ago they changed the way cloning works so that people can have more or free clones and this caused exactly the same cosmetic disfiguration we have in AO, which is people suiciding to transport themselves.

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    • I mean, you'd still have to be naked, hearthstone or not. Don't see how it's any different. At least suiciding removes active food, so you still have to slightly think about whether it's worth running to the travel guy or not sometimes.
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