[SUGGESTION] another upgrade for crafters and 2 others about weapon lore

    • [SUGGESTION] another upgrade for crafters and 2 others about weapon lore


      I have 3 suggestions which follow the very nice game lore improvement which is "Crafter's name for the item stay in place even if they passed through the black market and end up in a chest".

      The first suggestion is to easily see if i wear or inspect someones who is wearing an item craft by me, my guild members, or my friends.
      I see it this way :
      - 3 different icons can appear on an equipment, which represent the player, which represent friend of the player, or which represent guild mate of the player
      - When opening inventory or inspecting someone, the appropriate icon shows accordingly to who crafted the item.(or no icons at all like now, if the item is random) (ideally : would also appear in the market and the chest, but might be difficult because of stacks)

      The second suggestion, about items lore, is to have a new attribute for equipment, which correspond to the number of time this equipment survived crash (because the proprietary died, not sure we have to count OC)
      (=> maybe the item could also gain 1 IP each time it survive ? it couldn't be abuse too much by trying to artificially level it up, since it can also trash )

      (Third suggestion, about items lore also, would be a new attribute for equipment, which would be the number of kill fame win by players while wearing it.)
    • Who would benefit from this? Only the crafters in huges guild that daily craft thousands of items - automated mostly. Guess how often it happens for a normal crafter with so many people in this game to run over someone using YOUR crafted items! And even so, who cares? It doesn't benefit you at all. The name on the item even doesn't do anything. It is just vanity.

      if they need to change something in this game it would be making crafting PROFITABLE! When you get more profit from selling unrefined raw ressources then wasting time and money refiniing and crafting then something is wrong. In no other MMO I crafted stuff before I made less money with crafted items than with selling all the needed ressources individually in raw form. Just pick anything. Take sandstone blocks for example. Check the market place and prices. Now check the prices for the needed raw ressources and sum them up. That says everything. Who cares about name epeening when crafting alltogether is a waste of time that just ruins your profit.