Stop Knee-Jerk catering

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  • Stop Knee-Jerk catering

    The game was designed with a certain philosophy. Either stick to that and become the niche game you planned on, or take the game down, rebuild it into your on rails PVE carebear experience and re-name it Albion 2.0.

    The Removal of Trash gear upon knockdown is a TERRIBLE addition to the game. Going out and doing things needs to have risk..and if you are stupid enough to get cuaght in a death loop with 700% weight, than you deserve to have your gear broken. Im not saying that the "punishment" of the death shouldnt be toned down..but stop putting fucking corks into lost gear. In EvE, you die, you lose everything. Its fine, because the destruction of ships and the shitty salvage % ensures that demand stays high and the economy keeps circulating. Right now, the economy is so over-bloated with t5 that there's no value in gathering/harvesting/crafting it. It never leaves circulation, so all that ends up happening is a bloated supply and a spammed /O chat. If you want to adjust the death penalty adjust base costs that you have artificially assigned to the materials. This is a terrible form of price control/currency control anyways. Stop claiming you are all about a free market, when this is perhaps the most regulated market game ive ever played... right down to the fucking moderated price of corn seeds.