Need for a faction 'disarray' number

    • Faction Warfare

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    • Need for a faction 'disarray' number

      With the new update, the more allied faction members you have in zone the less points you get from capping the zone overall. This difference is noticeable even in small jumps from 5 -> 7 or 8 as I noticed in the playtest, when solo BW flagged players would follow my group around out of party (it's possible there were more in zone who just weren't interacting with outposts I guess, but definitely not enough to blob). Point gains were dropping from ~4k for a zone to like 2.5-3k.

      It would be nice to know how many allied players there are in zone, so you can get an idea of how many points you will get from staying in the zone, and whether it's worth it. I guess as an added bonus, you get an idea of how many allies there are to help you if you decide to take a fight.

      Tl;DR - I don't want disarray debuff, but I would like to see the numbers of allies in the zone in the same way.
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