Roads portals impact on ganking, faction and open world

    • Roads portals impact on ganking, faction and open world

      Roads of Avalon have been a great addition to the game, connecting the whole open world, royals and outlands alike for people that can put some effort in scouting.

      However, as it stands currently, portals provide a instant escape to anyone looking for it, which once again made ganking, faction pvp or even escaping from a lost zvz a bit too easy and in my honest opinion is unbalanced.
      • You can use a roads portal at any time to lose your faction flag if being chased or if you lost your flag
      • You can use a roads portal as yet ANOTHER way to get a bubble in the black zone or royals (this with Hideouts and Territories makes outlands ridiculous tbh)
      • You can use roads to escape ZVZs if your side is losing, and unlike hideouts, Outlaw does not do anything

      My Suggestion
      Make road portals in the open world (not inside roads) a channel such as Solo Dungeons, probably a 3 second to avoid people just auto-attacking you to cancel channel. This way you can still make use of roads, but it requires a bit more planning than just spamming a portal for safety.

      This also helps fix the ridiculous "spam click" meta to get into portals in yellow and red zones at least as it gives more room for people to actually fight for charges without enemy just spam clicking in.
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    • 1) If you are faction, you should not be able to enter road unless you remove your faction flag.

      2) You should not be able to enter roads if you are using battle mount. Imagine being chased by 20 people on mammoth and you zone into 2 man road. B r u h. Does mammoth counts as 1 person ? One tiny mammoth it is huh.
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    • nope i find the roads best the way they are

      escaping is an art form you gankers will never understand

      though faction would be better off needing to channel to enter a road

      roads in open world black zone should remain they way they are. it opens up so many possibilities

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