just being honest and might as well be just an uneducated opinion - or what makes albion better

    • just being honest and might as well be just an uneducated opinion - or what makes albion better

      i love mmos

      there was a time in my life where i literally would not have endured living without gaming an mmo. never did i design anything like a game - i am a gamer fullheartedly.
      following are my suggestions for the game that lured me in and scratched my old school hardcore vibes, just to let me down and realize what it actually is:

      ' above all, please have the game encourage the mindset of relevance of skill and please do not reward bullies so much ... its painful what behavior and mindsets albion encourages.

      * this has been messed up for good probably ... who ever decided to not limit guild housing with actual economical benefit was ... a very mentally limited individual ... limit islands. an opportunity could be created to allow multiple islands on the same character if a certain amount of premium days are active and only one island per city. 30 days for one island 60 days for 2 islands etc... at the same time the number of laborers per account should be very limited. why was this never a thing initially is beyond me ... i would suggest to make it impossible to sell laborer journals on the market but only to npcs or the laborers themselves.... there are better people then me who have probably other good ideas for laborers... it could be albions way to guarantee worth of investment to crafters and gatherers who provide the loot and gear for all.

      * no wannabe item power caps in albion - if there is a number set as the cap that is it. no percentages nonsense higher. all zones could have an item power cap. there should be no pvp in albion without an item power cap, unless it is the maximum stats possible in the game for the highest pvp goals.

      * maps in the royal continent could never appear for others then the party who opened them up to tier 5 and maps could drop more often generally.

      * solo and group dungeons could have a max limit to the players and parties inside. solo dungeons 2 - group dungeons 10. in blue zones the dungeons should disappear for players outside of the party who entered them. if there is an entrance visible in the open world it could display the number of players inside currently. the pvp debuff for too many allies could be used in dungeons as well for player versus player fights - let the dungeon divers and the dungeoneering players fight on more equal grounds in number and see who will win.

      * you are automatically enabled to attack people outside of your party in dungeons in yellow zones or red zones regardless of other flags - you fight for your ownership of the dungeon you entered ... if you win you can continue, if you loose you forfeit the dungeon to the divers. also you get kicked out to the open world if all of your party gets knocked down, and you cant enter that dungeon again - you lost - suck it up ...

      * masteries unlock their spells or passive on all item tiers ... if you maxed a mastery it should be your decision what item power you bring to the field but you earned the spells and passives through maxing the mastery. it feels like this is taken away from me and masteries have no meaning except 20 passive ip.

      * all items normal or artifact have the same ip per tier. the benefit of the artifact is the upgraded type of spell you receive. all materials for artifacts could have the same chance of dropping and materials could drop more often in the respective mob faction type dungeons.

      * there could be diminishing returns on shields and cc.

      * you could be prohibited to change your gear unless you are on your island, major city bank or hideout - or other option fielded for zvz through maybe a toolcrafting placable decoration for the open world only. commit yourself and get good ... do not cheese and pretend... 20 sec invisibility lol ...

      * the gathering "tree" on the destiny board is a mess ... the core idea seemed to be mastery and specialization across the entire board ... like fishing... why its not like this for the other gathering skills is just unnecessary as i see it and seems to just be faking depth and progression... also gathering speed should not be decided on the tool but on your skills only.

      * make it so alliances or guilds can actually own a black zone and upgrade its percentages of loot and resources available - even make it so they can "build" a static dungeon themselves - let the communities in the outlands rightfully own and build up their homes and fight for them - also probably double the amount of blackzones and maybe avalonian road zones. lower the percentages of loot and recources in unclaimed zones - make it a goal to aspire for communities to situate themselves in a particular zone and dedicate their efforts toward its prosperity and defence.

      there surely could be more to suggest, but i'd be more curious about the opinion of others about my suggestions and hopefully someone showing me how awkwardly wrong it would go if these changes would be implemented, thus enabling me to acquire a shift in perspective maybe. <3

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    • Esygrim wrote:

      make it so alliances or guilds can actually own a black zone and upgrade its percentages of loot and resources available

      They kind of do. If you upgrade the territory, it increases the chances of rare spawns of resources accordingly, as well as the defenses of the territory.

      I like most of your other ideas/suggestions. Especially the first one about islands.