★★Please create a killer bounty system.★★

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    • ★★Please create a killer bounty system.★★

      Please create a killer bounty system.

      1. Method: I can put a bounty on the person who killed me.
      This will be rewarded by someone who killed the killer.

      2. Details
      - This applies only to murders on the map of the black zone.
      - It cannot be done in places like contaminated dungeons and Arena.
      - Only those with a history of killing me can be designated.
      - Too much bounty is not allowed. (This is to prevent illegal transactions.)
      1) The reward is applied as a cumulative amount. The bounty becomes expensive for people who kill a lot of people.
      - If the target is the same person, limit the number of times. (Only once a month)

      3. Future Changes
      - A professional bounty hunter will be created.
      - Silver can be recovered.(Tax)
      - Those who can't kill will be happy.
      It's going to be a war between people who are good at killing.
      - Although this is a game, there should be a penalty for murder.

      Not everyone can kill well.
      They will give up this game someday.
      I think it's a way to reduce it.

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    • There are too many players for someone to meet a specific player in hg 2x2/5x5/10x10 or cd. And why is it needed?
      Like you bet 1 million silver, what will kill your mark and what?
      Better to do service between cities.
      Players deposit an NPC deposit for transportation in the amount of the goods transported from the royal lands, and those who need to transfer bring their goods for transportation. If transported successfully, the carrier receives a percentage or fee. And if it does not successfully return the silver for the goods.