Please normalize out of combat HP regeneration

    • Please normalize out of combat HP regeneration

      Out of combat HP regeneration needs to be normalized, there's no reason cloth and leather should regenerate at much slower speeds, they should both be brought up to match plate.

      Currently a plate player without regen food will regen HP at the same rate as a cloth player with cabbage soup eaten, it makes no sense and it's a huge problem.
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      You have options OP:
      1. Play with a healer. It is a MMO afterall.
      2. Be a healer.
      3. Eat carrot soup. It is a MMO with an in depth economy. There are soup chefs that I am sure take their soup making skills very seriously.
      4. Wear plate.
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    • Tanks need health, mages need mana. Therefore, plate armors give best health regen, while cloth robes give best mana regen. It's logic.

      Don't forget mana regen works in combat. While health regen works only out of combat.

      The extra health regen of the tank in small party, where you don't have a healer, actually makes a lot of sense. Tanks are the first one to jump in and the last one to escape, ofc he's gonna need that regen unless he has a healer.

      In those small pt, sometimes the glass canon dps has to hold the front line for the tank to regen up, and dps can't hold the frontline that long.

      There're no need to change the chest pieces stat as they are currently balanced. From cloth to plate, you have:
      • Defense increase (+) while damage decrease (-)
      • CC increase (+) while healing decrease (-)
      • Health regen increase (+) while mana regen decrease (-)
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