free to play?

  • It is not yet free to play. However, you can buy a founder pack to gain alpha access and play straight away. It is indeed advertised as being "f2p" but what they mean with that is that the game will be "f2p" on launch. :)

    One thing for sure, this game is going to be one of the biggest titles every made. So I think you wouldn't regret to buy a founder pack with alpha access and play straight away (know however that servers will be reseted now but actually it turns out not to be a problem at all, it is fun to start over again and explore the world with lots of additional features again, in this patch they added "hell gates", one of the most interesting features the game has thus far!).

    Also this game has one of the best communities you have ever run in to.
  • Yes, it is easy to play. This is one of the core features of the game in fact. Originally the game was even made to be used on android and iOS tablets as well, and it can still be played on android.

    Maybe you can read more about the game on this website. Also, I am quite certain that multiple older people are going to be in for this game. You need to have some patience to unlock all content in the game, because there is just so much content around. You can play at your own pace, if you want to only play 1 hour a day, even that is possible, progress will not be lost.

    Now however that is some parts of the game some sort of risk is involved, but this makes the game so nice. However, the only thing you can lose is your gear. All your progress in the game can't be taken away. So if you are already a master farmer, you still are a master farmer. If you are already a great smith, you still are a great smith. Also to reduce risks you can comunicate with others to walk as a big group through dangerous zones.
  • The game is in alpha, so we are paying for alpha and beta access to the game before it launches. This game is designed similar to Diablo, Ragnarok Online, RuneScape etc since we use our mouse clicks to navigate the world. This works very nicely because the game is made to play on PC, Mac, Linux, Android tablet, and soon iPad. Enjoy your stay!
  • Actually I don't know, but if you are going to buy 2 founder packs, you can buy the second founder pack with a referal link of your first founder pack. The second person then bought the game thanks to you and you get some extra gold you can spend in game. :)

    So you can start with buying one pack, and then obtain the referal link for the second pack. :)

    The idea is that you get an extra for bringing on extra friends. ;)

    I am actually sure you will like this game :) . There is so much you can do around here, look at this giantic board (and actually it is not even the full board):

    If you have done all things described there, you have finished the whole game. However, it will take a big time before you can make all differents sort of weapons in the game and can fight with them. Plenty of gaming hours guaranteed. :)

    And here for you is a selection of things you can do in Albion.

    - farming
    Also worth telling is that you can place farms all around the world. Most of the time you want to place them on an island.

    - Building houses, you need to chop trees for it and gather reasources, you can build a house together with your friend and work together, that's teamwork ;)
    - Fighting others

    - Riding horses and oxes (oxes are for trade)

    Also a fun fact if you are into this genre of games. Here all cities are build by players, not by the developers. If a new area just opens there are no houses and only plots of land that can be bought, and you can buy what ever you like in the city. :)

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