Faction armor and weapons.

    • Faction armor and weapons.

      Honestly, the current faction bosses, and new faction bandit artwork is incredible. Pretty simple request, but would you consider offering these armors / weapons + offhands as skins in the game?:
      • They could be bought with faction points to promote activity with new goals to work to in the new faction warfare system,
      • With rare drop chances in the faction challenge reward boxes
      • Could make them trade-able to assist with adding value to them as skins, and to allow other factions to get the chance of unlocking them without giving up their faction rep
      • Should be high cost to act as a long term goal for faction members.
      The art team did such an amazing job of these and it would feel amazing to get in your faction aesthetic and go out to fight for them.

      Don't get me wrong, I would love also at some point to see faction armors and weapons too. Could be interesting to have faction armor that changes appearance based on your enlisted faction. Similar to how faction capes change colors when you faction flag, but with the entire appearance instead, and not based on being flagged, but simply enlisted.

      Either way, great job everyone involved, and looking forward to see how the update goes!
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