Trinity spear talk

    • Trinity spear talk

      The subject of this thread concerns one of my favorite weapons that hasn't been seeing much love in any aspects of the game recently. My major concern about trinity spear is an incredibly slow animation of the E ability and tiny AOE for the root.

      Trinity isn't being used in 5s, 2s, zvz at all. In CD pike or a regular spear is much better due to the reliability of their E spells. Rooting an enemy with trinity is challenging due to a very SLOW animation(for an experienced player dodging an E of trinity isn't hard) and a small AOE of the root(need to be literally on top of the enemy). The stand time is a yet another issue but it affects most other weapons as well.

      Don't get me wrong I am not saying that trinity is a weak weapon. I just believe that the current state of the E ability doesn't put it even to a B tear.

      I would love to see the weapon have a wider use and I do believe that there are several ways to do it.

      1) increasing the animation cast speed of the jump on trinity would be a great improvement. Realmbreakers jump speed is a good example.

      2) Increase the aoe of the root during the landing while slightly decreasing the overall area of the aura.

      3) Make an area of the landing as an instant buff to allies(as a hallowfall) and a slightly decreased time of the root in the area.

      It's not a rant but more of a suggestion to make the weapon more competitive in the pvp aspects of the game. :thumbsup:
    • The reason why trinity spear animation was not buffed along side things like bearpaws animation and broad sword animation is because of how strong trinity spear can be and the inherent cc (slows) that spear has inbuilt into their kit

      trinity spear is a mobility/ eyeframe/move speed, attack speed and cast speed teamwide steroid

      trinity spear once landed can be used as a one shot build when geared correctly for solo pvp
      along side the newly introduced the harpoon W skill landing E is much easier than you might think

      this harpoon W into E combo can lockdown one target in team fights and demolish them in a fury of focus fire damage

      this weapon can also be built as a brawler with the attack speed /move speed buff . this build as a brawler can potentially output as much DPS as a regular bow and lets not forget that it is a teamwide buff further adding on damage onto your other dps

      you can increase the animation speed and stand time for usability like broadswords to make it less clunky but any buff to the value would have to be looked at closely to make sure its not broken

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    • I see your point but they are hypothetical. You say that in a certain situation with particular circumstances trinity spear is a beast.

      Now lets look at facts and statistics.

      How many players are using trinity on 5v5? U guessed it. None.

      How many people are using trinity for 2v2? Still almost none.

      What about zvz? Joke.

      What about CDs? There are some players who are trying the build which is innately easily counterable and outplayed. Thats the reason a pike is stronger than the trinity. The land of the E is certain and can't be dodged as the SLOW E animation of the trinity. Moreover you just run out of the circle and trinity does no dmg. Hitting the root is challenging with trinity due to small AOE of the root and hitting the enemy afterwards is even harder cause they just run away. Harpoon is a decent ability that can help you to keep them in place thats for sure. Well why then nobody is playing trinity with a decent success rate?

      I am not saying lets buff it to make it OP. Just make it playable in the open world PVP for various aspects of the game cause as of right now not a lot of them are being used in general. Same story with the heron spear
    • considering how SBI have been playing favourites and buffing spears lately i can see them giving trinity some love by increasing animation speed but thats about it.

      any buffs to cc, steroid buffs or anything else will have serious implications

      you are looking at an E skill which has the "potential" to be super strong if it did not had the long animation time.

      and by the way during the animation time you are invulnerable

      and besides from my figths against trinity spear if you do not pop a defence against trinity when they land their skill shot E which is way more obvious then a pike for example then you can consider your self dead.

      "As any self respecting one shot spear build including trinity has at least demon helm"

      and besides if you miss your E at least the aoe buff would still allow you to continue to fight should the enemy decide to stay (forcing them to run away) unlike pike who has to reset when he messes up his combo (you have to run away)

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    • Thats the thing. Thats the point of our agreement. Animation speed buff would at least put this weapon into some use. No matter how much "potential" this weapon has it is still not enough to introduce it to the pvp in this game. Invulnerability during the jump doesn't play much of a role cause its not about defense during the jump but the unreliable offence of the E. Its just too damn slow to hit the root and easy to avoid
    • Game is built more around sustain ATM since healer is unkillable and the amount of shields.

      When sustain falls off you will see a trinity bear paw Comp but atm it's not a safe comp which is why no high teams play it.

      SBI patches like this is a moba not a MMO if you haven't noticed