Conflict promoting guild thief to officer

    • Conflict promoting guild thief to officer

      So a few thieves from a guild I had previously run ended up joining Conflict and at least one of them made officer within a few days of joining. Just thought I would throw this out so people can see the moral quality of these people. When Staralai was still leading Conflict he was pretty reasonable about this, they tried to join Conflict when they first robbed me but he refused them because he wasn't interested in bringing thieves into his guild.

      About a year ago I had a guild running called Moderately Magnificent, at the urging of my right hands, Hy4des/Hyad3s and Ultraviolence98, I started to aim the guild towards ZvZ. After initiating a guild tax and some set rules for how groups function my right hands expressed some anger about them being taxed as well as their "work for the guild". Cut out a lot of the drama in the middle it ends up Hyad3s demo'ing all the craft buildings in our hideout(all craft tables at t7/8 because we were newbs living out of the hideout) and emptied all the guild tabs while Ultra did crowd work to convince people I was aiming to become some sort of dictator.

      And yes, of course I'm salty, I spent 2 months building a guild for people I thought were friends only for them to rob the guild bank and try to flip personal shit I told them in discussions into insults.

      I won't be checking back up on this, I don't care enough to actually try to actively dig up drama, but I do care enough to make this post and walk out. And yes my guild was nubly as fuck
    • 1) who the fuck are u
      2) this guy that so called robbed u is not even in the guild nor an officer
      3) who the fuck is Staralai they never even exsisted

      so idunno what guild ur refering too but it sure aint conflict. and if u do wanna talk shit atleast show ur name u 1 post account
    • My thoughts

      - I don't time is really a factor involving theft, someone who engages in theft will probably do it again

      - is he there, wasn't he? is he there still? what's his rank now?

      ^ questions the conflict leadership should be asking

      - conflict probably needs to know if this is the case, you guys have been hit before

      - longer logs holding people too account can only be a good thing imo.
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